DBD::CSV - DBI driver for CSV files River stage two • 24 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

The DBD::CSV module is yet another driver for the DBI (Database independent interface for Perl). This one is based on the SQL "engine" SQL::Statement and the abstract DBI driver DBD::File and implements access to so-called CSV files (Comma Separated ...

HMBRAND/DBD-CSV-0.54 - 29 Oct 2018 11:28:17 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::LDAP - Provides an SQL/Perl DBI interface to LDAP River stage zero No dependents

LDAP stands for the "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol". For more information, see: http://www.ogre.com/ldap/docs.html DBD::LDAP is a DBI extension module adding an SQL database interface to standard LDAP databases to Perl's database-independent ...

TURNERJW/DBD-LDAP-1.00 - 04 Feb 2019 17:29:33 GMT - Search in distribution

UMLS::Interface - Perl interface to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This package provides a Perl interface to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). The UMLS is a knowledge representation framework encoded designed to support broad scope biomedical research queries. There exists three major sources in the UMLS. ...

BTMCINNES/UMLS-Interface-1.51 - 18 Oct 2016 16:25:20 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::DBD - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide River stage four • 984 direct dependents • 2505 total dependents

This document is primarily intended to help people writing new database drivers for the Perl Database Interface (Perl DBI). It may also help others interested in discovering why the internals of a DBD driver are written the way they are. This is a gu...

TIMB/DBI-1.642 - 29 Oct 2018 10:43:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Alien - External libraries wrapped up for your viewing pleasure! River stage zero No dependents

Alien is a package that exists just to hold together an idea, the idea of Alien:: packages, so there is no code here, just motivation for Alien. The intent of Alien is to provide a mechanism for specifying, installing and using non-native dependencie...

PLICEASE/Alien-0.95 - 13 Jul 2017 12:11:02 GMT - Search in distribution

handel - Bootstrap a Handel application River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The "handel.pl" script creates a skeleton framework for a new Handel based application using the recommend style of subclassing for easy customization. Created MyProject Created MyProject\lib\MyProject Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Cart.pm Created ...

CLACO/Handel-1.00014 - 30 Dec 2011 15:09:23 GMT - Search in distribution

pm_which - find installed modules River stage three • 21 direct dependents • 292 total dependents

This tool reports the locations of installed perl modules. By default it lists the location of each specified module that would be loaded by require....

MATTLAW/Module-Util-1.09 - 10 Jan 2013 15:24:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::AutoConf - A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl. River stage three • 19 direct dependents • 252 total dependents

Config::AutoConf is intended to provide the same opportunities to Perl developers as GNU Autoconf <http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/> does for Shell developers. As Perl is the second most deployed language (mind: every Unix comes with Perl, sever...

REHSACK/Config-AutoConf-0.317 - 08 Jun 2018 13:48:39 GMT - Search in distribution

xsubpp - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code River stage five • 148 direct dependents • 18824 total dependents

This compiler is typically run by the makefiles created by ExtUtils::MakeMaker or by Module::Build or other Perl module build tools. *xsubpp* will compile XS code into C code by embedding the constructs necessary to let C functions manipulate Perl va...

SMUELLER/ExtUtils-ParseXS-3.35 - 31 Jul 2017 15:52:17 GMT - Search in distribution

perlnewmod - Preparar la distribución de un módulo nuevo River stage zero No dependents

ENELL/POD2-ES- - 01 Jan 2017 21:24:12 GMT - Search in distribution
  • perlutil - Utilidades incluidas en la distribución de Perl

DBQuery - Lib of DB Query River stage zero No dependents

"DBQuery" allows you to query some information from some different type databases, like mysql, postgresql and oracle, so our system need module which include DBD::mysql, DBD::PgPP and DBD::Oracle. In future, it'll support more and more database types...

CNANGEL/DBQuery-1.20 - 28 Dec 2014 04:04:49 GMT - Search in distribution

INSTALL River stage zero No dependents

PVHP/ptkFAQ-0_03 - 23 May 1996 22:13:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Debug::Easy - A Handy Debugging Module With Colorized Output and Formatting River stage zero No dependents

This module makes it easy to add debugging features to your code, Without having to re-invent the wheel. It uses STDERR and ANSI color formatted text output, as well as indented and multiline text formatting, to make things easy to read. NOTE: It is ...

RKELSCH/Debug-Easy-2.03 - 15 Jul 2019 19:49:38 GMT - Search in distribution

RAS::AS5200 - PERL Interface to Cisco AS5200 Access Router River stage zero No dependents

At this time, the following methods are implemented: creating an object with new Use the new() method to create a new object. Example: use RAS::AS5200; $foo = new RAS::AS5200( hostname => 'dialup1.example.com', login => '!root', password => 'mysecret...

STIGMATA/RAS-AS5200-1.04 - 09 Jun 2000 22:27:34 GMT - Search in distribution

poe-gen-tests - generate standard POE tests for third-party modules River stage three • 14 direct dependents • 570 total dependents

This program and the accompanying POE::Test::Loop::* modules make up POE's tests for POE::Loop subclasses. These tests are designed to run identically regardless of the current event loop. POE uses them to test the event loops it bundles: POE::Loop::...

RCAPUTO/POE-Test-Loops-1.360 - 03 Nov 2014 18:39:51 GMT - Search in distribution

File::AptFetch - perl interface onto APT-Methods River stage zero No dependents

Shortly: * Methods are usual executables. Hence F:AF forks. * There's no command-line interface for methods. The IPC is two pipes (*STDIN* and *STDOUT* from method's POV). * Each portion of communication (named message) consists of numerical code wit...

WHYNOT/File-AptFetch-v0.1.14 - 15 Apr 2017 02:03:56 GMT - Search in distribution

README River stage zero No dependents

CHARITYML/NanoB2B-NER-1.01 - 18 Jan 2018 22:09:23 GMT - Search in distribution
  • NanoB2B::NER - turns labeled text lines into ARFF files based on specified features that are extracted using MetaMap and runs through WEKA to average the results

App::Build - extends Module::Build to build/install/configure entire applications (i.e. web applications), not just modules and programs River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

App::Build is a subclass of Module::Build, so you can use it in place of Module::Build when creating your "Build.PL" installation scripts. Module::Build is good at installing perl modules and programs/scripts. Full applications (i.e. web applications...

MBARBON/App-Build-0.74 - 07 Mar 2011 21:48:52 GMT - Search in distribution

AutoLoader - load subroutines only on demand River stage three • 28 direct dependents • 325 total dependents

The AutoLoader module works with the AutoSplit module and the "__END__" token to defer the loading of some subroutines until they are used rather than loading them all at once. To use AutoLoader, the author of a module has to place the definitions of...

SMUELLER/AutoLoader-5.74 - 25 Oct 2013 17:11:47 GMT - Search in distribution
  • AutoSplit - split a package for autoloading

DBD::Sprite - Perl extension for DBI, providing database emmulation via flat files. River stage zero No dependents

DBD::Sprite is a DBI extension module adding database emulation via flat-files to Perl's database-independent database interface. Unlike other DBD::modules, DBD::Sprite does not require you to purchase or obtain a database. Every thing you need to pr...

TURNERJW/DBD-Sprite-6.12 - 05 Feb 2019 07:23:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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