MooseX::RemoteHelper - adds an attribute name to represent remote naming River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Many Remote APIs have key names that don't look good in a perl API, such as variants of camel case or even names that you don't want to use simply because they are inconsistent with your Perl API. This module allows you to provide a remote name on yo...

XENO/MooseX-RemoteHelper-0.001021 - 30 Dec 2013 18:53:47 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::ScopedConfig - Moose eXtension to use Config::Scoped River stage zero No dependents

IAMB/MooseX-ScopedConfig-0.03 - 12 Jul 2012 20:41:45 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::SimpleConfig - A Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configuration file River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 71 total dependents

This role loads simple files to set object attributes. It is based on the abstract role MooseX::ConfigFromFile, and uses Config::Any to load your configuration file. Config::Any will in turn support any of a variety of different config formats, detec...

ETHER/MooseX-SimpleConfig-0.11 - 16 Nov 2014 22:05:07 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::AccessorsOnly - React when users root around inside your objects River stage zero No dependents

Call a function every time the elements of the hash which underlies a regular Moose object are accessed directly....

CHOHAG/MooseX-AccessorsOnly-1 - 23 Sep 2017 18:56:48 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::AttributeTags - tag your Moose attributes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

MooseX::AttributeTags is a factory for attribute traits. All the work is done in the import method. Methods "import(@optlist)" The option list is a list of trait names to create (which will be exported to the caller package as constants). Each trait ...

TOBYINK/MooseX-AttributeTags-0.005 - 16 Mar 2019 20:54:52 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::AttributeTree - Inherit attribute values like HTML+CSS does River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Classes can inherit attributes from their parent classes. But sometimes you want an attribute to be able to inherit its value from a parent object. For example, that's how CSS styles work in HTML. MooseX::AttributeTree allows you to apply the "TreeIn...

CJM/MooseX-AttributeTree-0.06 - 27 Jun 2015 20:43:46 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::ConfigCascade - Set initial accessor values of your whole Moose-based project from a single config file River stage zero No dependents

In my opinion getting values from some kind of centralised config to attributes in nested objects is problematic. There are several modules available which load config into accessors, but in one way or another these all involve telling each specific ...

TOMGRACEY/MooseX-ConfigCascade-0.02 - 09 Nov 2017 04:19:58 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::Configuration - Define attributes which come from configuration files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module lets you define attributes which can come from a configuration file. It also adds a role to your class which allows you to write a configuration file. It is based on using a simple INI-style configuration file, which contains sections and...

DROLSKY/MooseX-Configuration-0.02 - 01 Jan 2011 23:07:53 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::DeepAccessors - Delegate methods to member objects, curried with more methods! River stage zero No dependents

RATAXIS/MooseX-DeepAccessors-0.02 - 29 Aug 2008 19:59:23 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::ErrorHandling - Monkey Patch Moose's Errors River stage zero No dependents

This module is an attempt to monkey patch the way Moose handles errors. Currently Moose throws a number of different exception objects for different errors. If you're trying to replace an existing object system with Moose, suddenly your errors could ...

CREIN/MooseX-ErrorHandling-0.2 - 15 Jul 2016 20:20:19 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::FileAttribute - Sugar for classes that have file or directory attributes River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

I write a lot of classes that take files or directories on the command-line. This results in a lot of boilerplate, usually: package Class; use Moose; use MooseX::Types::Path::Class qw(File); has 'foo' => ( is => 'ro', isa => File, coerce => 1, requir...

ETHER/MooseX-FileAttribute-0.03 - 07 Apr 2017 00:56:04 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::MakeImmutable - A convenient way to make many Moosen immutable (or mutable) in one shot River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MooseX::MakeImmutable is a tool for loading every Moose::Object within a hierarchy and making each immutable/mutable. It uses Module::Pluggable for searching and will load both inner and .pm packages. In a nutshell, if you add a Moose-based package t...

RKRIMEN/MooseX-MakeImmutable-0.02 - 14 Aug 2008 23:51:23 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::MarkAsMethods - Mark overload code symbols as methods River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 73 total dependents

MooseX::MarkAsMethods allows one to easily mark certain functions as Moose methods. This will allow other packages such as namespace::autoclean to operate without blowing away your overloads. After using MooseX::MarkAsMethods your overloads will be r...

RSRCHBOY/MooseX-MarkAsMethods-0.15 - 31 May 2012 00:34:44 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::RelClassTypes - specify a class name in an attribute isa relative to the current class River stage zero No dependents

To group accessors it can be convenient to create a nested structure of Moose objects. For example, instead of having package Car; use Moose; has max_speed => (is => 'rw', isa => 'Int'); has max_acceleration => (is => 'rw', isa => 'Int'); has turning...

TOMGRACEY/MooseX-RelClassTypes-0.03 - 02 May 2018 16:14:49 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::UndefTolerant - Make your attribute(s) tolerant to undef initialization River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Loading this module in your Moose class makes initialization of your attributes tolerant of undef. If you specify the value of undef to any of the attributes they will not be initialized, effectively behaving as if you had not provided a value at all...

ETHER/MooseX-UndefTolerant-0.21 - 23 Oct 2016 01:05:59 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::AbstractMethod - Declare methods requirements that must be satisfied River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

This extensions allows classes to flag certain methods as being required to be implemented by a subclass, much as a Moose::Role does with 'requires'....

RSRCHBOY/MooseX-AbstractMethod-0.004 - 31 Aug 2012 07:08:27 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::ClassAttribute - Declare class attributes Moose-style River stage two • 48 direct dependents • 92 total dependents

This module allows you to declare class attributes in exactly the same way as object attributes, using "class_has()" instead of "has()". You can use any feature of Moose's attribute declarations, including overriding a parent's attributes, delegation...

DROLSKY/MooseX-ClassAttribute-0.29 - 29 May 2016 21:27:33 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::ConfigFromFile - An abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 91 total dependents

This is an abstract role which provides an alternate constructor for creating objects using parameters passed in from a configuration file. The actual implementation of reading the configuration file is left to concrete sub-roles. It declares an attr...

ETHER/MooseX-ConfigFromFile-0.14 - 16 Aug 2015 03:13:38 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::CurriedHandles - Delegate methods to member objects, curried with more methods! River stage zero No dependents

RATAXIS/MooseX-CurriedHandles-0.03 - 31 Oct 2008 12:54:44 UTC - Search in distribution

MooseX::CustomInitArgs - define multiple init args with custom processing River stage zero No dependents

"MooseX::CustomInitArgs" allows Moose attributes to be initialized from alternative initialization arguments. If you find yourself wishing that Moose's built-in "init_arg" option took an arrayref, then this is what you want. MooseX::MultiInitArg also...

TOBYINK/MooseX-CustomInitArgs-0.004 - 10 Sep 2014 22:41:56 UTC - Search in distribution
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