XML::SAX - Simple API for XML River stage four • 69 direct dependents • 1932 total dependents

XML::SAX is a SAX parser access API for Perl. It includes classes and APIs required for implementing SAX drivers, along with a factory class for returning any SAX parser installed on the user's system....

GRANTM/XML-SAX-1.02 - 14 Jun 2019 02:18:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::Manip::Changes6 - changes in Date::Manip 6.xx River stage three • 69 direct dependents • 195 total dependents

SBECK/Date-Manip-6.78 - 29 Aug 2019 18:41:02 GMT - Search in distribution

ExtUtils::SVDmaker - Create CPAN distributions River stage zero No dependents

The "ExtUtils::SVDmaker" program module extends the Perl language (Perl is the system). The input to "ExtUtils::SVDmaker" is the __DATA__ section of Software Version Description (SVD) program module. The __DATA__ section must contain SVD forms text d...

SOFTDIA/ExtUtils-SVDmaker-0.10 - 25 May 2004 22:22:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Installer::cpanm River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

GETTY/Installer-0.904 - 23 Feb 2016 05:11:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL support for LWP River stage three • 104 direct dependents • 314 total dependents

This Perl module provides support for the HTTPS protocol under LWP, to allow an LWP::UserAgent object to perform GET, HEAD, and POST requests over encrypted socket connections. Please see LWP for more information on POST requests. The "Crypt::SSLeay"...

NANIS/Crypt-SSLeay-0.72 - 24 Apr 2014 15:45:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::Convert - Convert Between any two Calendrical Formats River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Fucntion can be split into several categories: * Universal functions available for all subclasses (ie. all formats). The fundamental conversion routines fit this category. * Functions that are useful but don't necessarily make sense for all subclasse...

MORTY/DateConvert-0.16 - 28 Jan 2000 00:49:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::BaseCnv - basic functions to CoNVert between number Bases River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

BaseCnv provides a few simple functions for converting between arbitrary number bases. You're probably better off using Michael Robinton's Math::Base::Convert benchmarked high-performance Perl modules. Another object syntax for number-base conversion...

PIP/Math-BaseCnv-1.14 - 30 Jul 2016 12:06:39 GMT - Search in distribution

perlpatch2svn - Import bleadperl patches into a Subversion repository River stage zero No dependents

This program reads a list of patches applied to the bleadperl source trunk or a branch and applies them to a local Subversion repository. The patches can be retrieved via the perl5-changes mailing list, or from one of the URLs documented in perlhack(...

ANDK/Perl-Repository-APC-2.002001 - 26 Mar 2011 17:02:32 GMT - Search in distribution

common::sense - save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense! River stage four • 158 direct dependents • 1616 total dependents

“Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has.” – René Descartes This module implements some sane defaults for Perl programs, as defined by two typical (or not so typical - use your commo...

MLEHMANN/common-sense-3.74 - 29 Jun 2015 12:41:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Int64 - Manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl River stage two • 30 direct dependents • 94 total dependents

This module adds support for 64 bit integers, signed and unsigned, to Perl. Exportable functions int64() int64($value) Creates a new int64 value and initializes it to $value, where $value can be a Perl number or a string containing a number. For inst...

SALVA/Math-Int64-0.54 - 04 Jan 2016 09:08:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Bigtop::Docs::Cookbook - Bigtop syntax by example River stage zero No dependents

PHILCROW/Bigtop-0.38 - 10 Jul 2010 22:08:44 GMT - Search in distribution

xsubpp - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code River stage zero No dependents

This compiler is typically run by the makefiles created by ExtUtils::MakeMaker. *xsubpp* will compile XS code into C code by embedding the constructs necessary to let C functions manipulate Perl values and creates the glue necessary to let Perl acces...

ILYAZ/SOM-0.0601 - 04 Nov 2003 22:02:00 GMT - Search in distribution

local::lib - create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB River stage two • 34 direct dependents • 79 total dependents

This module provides a quick, convenient way of bootstrapping a user-local Perl module library located within the user's home directory. It also constructs and prints out for the user the list of environment variables using the syntax appropriate for...

HAARG/local-lib-2.000024 - 08 Oct 2017 15:22:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Pegex::API River stage three • 26 direct dependents • 219 total dependents

INGY/Pegex-0.70 - 12 Nov 2018 00:48:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::ASP - a module for ASP (PerlScript) Programming River stage zero No dependents

I knocked these routines together one day when I was wondering "Why don't my "print" statements output to the browser?" and "Why don't "exit" and "die" end my script?" So I started investigating how I could overload the core functions. "print" is ove...

WNODOM/Win32-ASP-2.15 - 26 Mar 2001 15:43:55 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI::Tokenizer - The Perl Document Tokenizer River stage four • 181 direct dependents • 1662 total dependents

PPI::Tokenizer is the class that provides Tokenizer objects for use in breaking strings of Perl source code into Tokens. By the time you are reading this, you probably need to know a little about the difference between how perl parses Perl "code" and...

MITHALDU/PPI-1.270 - 09 Jul 2019 15:17:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Module::Info - Information about Perl modules River stage three • 16 direct dependents • 126 total dependents

Module::Info gives you information about Perl modules without actually loading the module. It actually isn't specific to modules and should work on any perl code....

NEILB/Module-Info-0.37 - 01 Nov 2015 15:33:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Kensho - A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensho>: Kenshō (見性) (C. Wu) is a Japanese term for enlightenment experiences - most commonly used within the confines of Zen Buddhism - literally meaning "seeing one's nature"[1] or "true self."[2] It generally "re...

ETHER/Task-Kensho-0.40 - 01 Dec 2018 21:55:47 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Compile - Compilation based XML processing River stage two • 38 direct dependents • 72 total dependents

Many (professional) applications process XML messages based on a formal specification, expressed in XML Schemas. XML::Compile translates between XML and Perl with the help of such schemas. Your Perl program only handles a tree of nested HASHes and AR...

MARKOV/XML-Compile-1.63 - 02 Jul 2019 14:42:22 GMT - Search in distribution

remotetest.pl - make tests on a remote machine River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The script "remotetest.pl" copies the specified Perl distribution MyInteresting-Dist-1.107.tar.gz (see ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Build) to each of the listed machines "machine1.domain", "machine2.domain", etc. and proceeeds to test the distribu...

CASIANO/GRID-Machine-0.127 - 14 Jun 2011 09:11:14 GMT - Search in distribution

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