Mojolicious::Plugin::Mandel - A plugin for mango document model called Mandel. River stage zero No dependents

Mojolicious::Plugin::Mandel is a Model (M in MVC architecture) for Mojolicious applications, based on the Mandel and Mango....

ZITSEN/Mojolicious-Plugin-Mandel-0.1.1 - 24 Apr 2015 03:45:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::PNGCast - in-process server to display a screencast River stage zero No dependents

Use this web application to display the screencast of a (headless) web browser or other arbitrary PNG data sent to it via websocket. The synopsis shows how to use this plugin to display a Chrome screencast using WWW::Mechanize::Chrome....

CORION/Mojolicious-Plugin-PNGCast-0.22 - 28 Sep 2018 08:08:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::SizeLimit - Terminate workers that grow too large River stage zero No dependents

Mojolicious::Plugin::SizeLimit is a Mojolicious plugin that allows to terminate hypnotoad worker processes if they grow too large. The decision to end a process can be based on its overall size, by setting a minimum limit on shared memory, or a maxim...

GRAF/Mojolicious-Plugin-SizeLimit-0.005 - 18 Oct 2015 16:39:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::RenderCGI - Rendering template with Perl code and funcs/subs for tags emits. River stage zero No dependents

MCHE/Mojolicious-Plugin-RenderCGI-0.101 - 18 Apr 2018 11:36:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Command::generate::bootstrap_app - Generates a basic application with simple DBIC-based authentication featuring Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.3 and jQuery 1.10.2. River stage zero No dependents

MKRULL/Mojolicious-Command-generate-bootstrap_app-0.07 - 25 Dec 2013 21:41:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Sprite - let you easy introduce and maintain CSS sprites in your web-site. River stage zero No dependents

This plugin parses HTML out and converts images into sprites according to rules of configuration file, In other words, HTML tag <img src="icons/img1.gif"> will be converted to <span class="spr spr-icons-img1"> and will be used CSS like: .spr { displa...

YOREEK/Mojolicious-Plugin-Sprite-0.01 - 20 Aug 2013 23:00:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack - Compress and convert css, less, sass, javascript and coffeescript files River stage one • 8 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack is Mojolicious plugin for processing static assets. The idea is that JavaScript and CSS files should be served as one minified file to save bandwidth and roundtrip time to the server. Note that the main author have move...

JHTHORSEN/Mojolicious-Plugin-AssetPack-2.08 - 07 May 2019 14:18:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::MethodOverride - Simulate HTTP Verbs River stage zero No dependents

This plugin can simulate any HTTP verb (a.k.a. HTTP method) in environments where HTTP verbs other than GET and POST are not available. It uses the same approach as in many other restful web frameworks, where it replaces the "HTTP POST" method with a...

GRAF/Mojolicious-Plugin-MethodOverride-0.060 - 23 Oct 2016 19:44:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Narada - Narada configuration plugin River stage zero No dependents

Mojolicious::Plugin::Narada is a plugin that configure Mojolicious to work in Narada project management environment. Also this plugin add helpers "proxy" and "weak_proxy", and you MUST use them to wrap all callbacks you setup for handling delayed eve...

POWERMAN/Mojolicious-Plugin-Narada-v1.0.1 - 03 Apr 2018 17:18:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::DBIC::Controller::DBIC - Build simple views to DBIC data River stage zero No dependents

This controller allows for easy working with data from the schema. Controllers are configured through the stash when setting up the routes....

PREACTION/Mojolicious-Plugin-DBIC-0.003 - 15 Dec 2018 22:48:35 GMT - Search in distribution

MojoX::Renderer::Alloy::HTE - Template::Alloy's HTML::Template::Expr renderer River stage zero No dependents

<a href="<TMPL_VAR EXPR="h.url_for('about_us')">"Hello!</a> <TMPL_INCLUDE NAME=""> Use Template::Alloy::HTE for rendering. Please see Mojolicious::Plugin::AlloyRenderer for configuration options....

AJGB/MojoX-Renderer-Alloy-1.121150 - 24 Apr 2012 23:53:00 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Mojolicious/Plugin/ River stage zero No dependents

KOSTYA/MojoX-Mysql-0.22 - 12 May 2016 13:53:06 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Mojolicious/Plugin/ River stage zero No dependents

RAIGAD/mojolicious-plugin-geocoder-0.05 - 06 Dec 2014 13:57:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::ClosedRedirect - Defend Open Redirect Attacks River stage zero No dependents

This plugin helps you to avoid OpenRedirect <> vulnerabilities in your application by limiting redirections to either local paths or signed URLs <

AKRON/Mojolicious-Plugin-ClosedRedirect-0.14 - 11 Aug 2018 11:35:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Webtail - display tail to your browser River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Mojolicious::Plugin::Webtail is display tail to your browser by WebSocket....

HAYAJO/Mojolicious-Plugin-Webtail-0.07 - 30 Apr 2017 04:53:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Cloudinary - Talk with River stage zero No dependents

This register the methods from the Cloudinary module as helpers in your Mojolicious web application. See "HELPERS" for details....

JHTHORSEN/Cloudinary-0.16 - 25 Dec 2017 09:33:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::StaticShare - browse, upload, copy, move, delete, edit, rename static files and dirs. River stage zero No dependents

This plugin allow to share static files/dirs/markdown and has public and admin functionality: Public interface Can browse and upload files if name not exists. Admin interface Can copy, move, delete, rename and edit content of files/dirs. Append param...

MCHE/Mojolicious-Plugin-StaticShare-0.074 - 06 Dec 2018 12:07:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::AutoReload - Automatically reload open browser windows when your application changes River stage zero No dependents

This plugin automatically reloades the page when the Mojolicious webapp restarts. This is especially useful when using the Morbo development server <>, which automatically restarts t...

PREACTION/Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoReload-0.005 - 21 Aug 2019 23:17:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Alias - serve static files from aliased paths River stage zero No dependents

Mojolicious::Plugin::Alias lets you map specific routes to collections of static files. While by default a Mojolicious app will serve static files located in any directory in the "app-"static->paths> array, Mojolicious::Plugin::Alias will set up a se...

DOTAN/Mojolicious-Plugin-Alias-0.0.4 - 25 May 2014 15:28:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::CPANModules::Import::PerlDancerAdvent::2018 - Modules mentioned in Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2018 River stage zero No dependents

This module is generated by extracting module names mentioned in <> (retrieved on 2018-12-30). Visit the URL for the full contents. Modules mentioned in Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2018. This list is generated by extr...

PERLANCAR/Acme-CPANModulesBundle-Import-PerlDancerAdvent-2018-0.001 - 30 Dec 2018 02:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution

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