Log::Rolling - Log to simple and self-limiting logfiles. River stage zero No dependents

FAIRLITE/Log-Rolling-1.02 - 27 Jul 2009 16:29:39 UTC

Log::Handler - Log messages to several outputs. River stage two • 33 direct dependents • 58 total dependents

The "Log::Handler" is a object oriented handler for logging, tracing and debugging. It is very easy to use and provides a simple interface for multiple output objects with lots of configuration parameters. You can easily filter the amount of logged i...

BLOONIX/Log-Handler-0.90 - 12 Jul 2020 13:43:09 UTC

Catmandu::Fix::log - Log::Any logger as fix River stage two • 93 direct dependents • 98 total dependents

This fix add debugging capabilities to fixes. To use it via the command line you need to add the '-D' option to your script. E.g. echo '{}' | catmandu convert -D to YAML --fix 'log("help!", level:WARN)' By default all logging messages have a level:IN...

NICS/Catmandu-1.2013 - 09 Jul 2020 07:49:49 UTC

Log::Journald - Send messages to a systemd journal River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module wraps sd-journal(3) APIs for easy use in Perl. It makes it possible to easily use systemd-journald.service(8)'s structured logging capabilities and includes location of the logging point in the source code in the messages. Backends for Lo...

LKUNDRAK/Log-Journald-0.30 - 23 Nov 2017 09:57:15 UTC

Log::Progress - Conveniently write progress messages to logger or file handle River stage zero No dependents

This module assists with writing progress messages <http://github.com/nrdvana/Log-Progress/blob/master/README.md> to your log file, which can then be parsed with Log::Progress::Parser. It can write to file handles, log objects (like Log::Any), or cus...

NERDVANA/Log-Progress-0.11 - 06 Apr 2017 23:29:47 UTC

Log::Scrubber - Perl extension to avoid logging sensitive data River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

As required by the PCI Security Standards Council, some data is not acceptable to send to log files. Most notably CVV data. However it is simply a matter of time before a developer accidentally (or on purpose) logs sensitive data to the error_log, or...

OAXLIN/Log-Scrubber-0.17 - 29 Oct 2019 20:19:55 UTC

Log::AutoDump - Log with automatic dumping of references and objects. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

When logging in development, it is common to dump a reference or object. When working with logging systems that employ the idea of "log-levels", you can quickly end up with expensive code. For example... $log->warn( "Some object:", Dumper( $obj ), "D...

CAGAO/Log-AutoDump-0.17 - 16 Apr 2019 19:27:16 UTC

Log::Simplest - Simple log module. Writes log messages to file and/or STDERR. River stage zero No dependents

DMYTRO/Log-Simplest-1.0 - 21 Mar 2009 02:32:56 UTC

Log::Unrotate - Incremental log reader with a transparent rotation handling River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

"Log::Unrotate" allows you to read any log file incrementally and transparently. Incrementally means that you can store store the reading position to the special file ("pos-file") using "commit()", restart the process, and then continue from where yo...

YAKIREEV/Log-Unrotate-1.33 - 06 Mar 2019 12:03:37 UTC

Catalyst::Log - Catalyst Log Class River stage three • 612 direct dependents • 685 total dependents

This module provides the default, simple logging functionality for Catalyst. If you want something different set "$c->log" in your application module, e.g.: $c->log( MyLogger->new ); Your logging object is expected to provide the interface described ...

HAARG/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90128 - 11 Sep 2020 12:38:26 UTC

Log::Dispatch - Dispatches messages to one or more outputs River stage four • 147 direct dependents • 1063 total dependents

This module manages a set of Log::Dispatch::* output objects that can be logged to via a unified interface. The idea is that you create a Log::Dispatch object and then add various logging objects to it (such as a file logger or screen logger). Then y...

DROLSKY/Log-Dispatch-2.70 - 20 Jul 2020 22:10:16 UTC

Log::Parallel - cluster computing framework River stage zero No dependents

This is the main driver module at the heart of a cluster computing framework used for batch log processing. It sets things up, figures out what jobs can run and in what order, and queues them up to run. Everything it does is driven from the configura...

MUIR/Log-Parallel-0.303 - 08 Aug 2009 21:53:00 UTC

Paranoid::Log - Log Functions River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Paranoid::Log provides a logging and message distribution framework that's modeled heavily on *syslog*. It follows *syslog* in that it allows one to log messages at various levels of severity and have those messages distributed across multiple log me...

CORLISS/Paranoid-2.07 - 18 Apr 2019 18:30:04 UTC

Log::Log4perl - Log4j implementation for Perl River stage four • 404 direct dependents • 1312 total dependents

Log::Log4perl lets you remote-control and fine-tune the logging behaviour of your system from the outside. It implements the widely popular (Java-based) Log4j logging package in pure Perl. For a detailed tutorial on Log::Log4perl usage, please read <...

ETJ/Log-Log4perl-1.53 - 17 Sep 2020 16:47:01 UTC

IO::File::Log - IO::File abstraction on logging files River stage zero No dependents

Under this discussion, a log file refers to the classical notion of a daemon's log file, that is, a file that can be appended to at any time or that can be "rotated" (ie, the original file can be "rename()"d and a new file with the same name created ...

LUISMUNOZ/IO-File-Log-1.01 - 08 Aug 2002 17:51:23 UTC

Package::Base - An abstract base for implementation classes to inherit from River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Package::Base is an abstract base class, meaning it isn't intended to be used directly, but rather inherited from by an instantiable class. In fact, attempting to instantiate a Package::Base object directly will result in an error. Q: So why would yo...

ALLENDAY/Package-Tools-0.03 - 03 Dec 2004 07:46:40 UTC

Log::Log4cplus - Perl logger via Log4cplus River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

REHSACK/Lib-Log4cplus-0.001 - 26 Jul 2019 09:16:07 UTC

Log::Localized - Localize your logging River stage zero No dependents

Log::Localized provides you with an interface for defining dynamically exactly which part of your code should log messages and with which verbosity. Log::Localized addresses one issue of traditional logging: in very large systems, a slight increase i...

ERWAN/Log-Localized-0.05 - 23 May 2006 14:20:30 UTC

Log::CSVLogger River stage zero No dependents

Log to a file in CSV format....

GAURAVKH/Log-CSVLogger-0.1 - 21 May 2009 04:15:12 UTC

Activator::Log - provide a simple wrapper for Log::Log4perl for use within an Activator project. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a simple wrapper for Log::Log4perl that allows you to have a project level configuration for Log4perl, and have any class or script in your project be configured and output log messages in a consistent centralized way. Additional...

KNASSAR/Activator-0.91 - 15 Oct 2008 17:10:40 UTC

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