Plack::Middleware::DevFilter - filter a content for detecting environment

Plack::Middleware::DevFilter is the filter a content for detecting environment. On SYNOPSIS code is an example for filtering "favicon.ico". The below code is an example for filtering "style.css". When PLACK_ENV is development, value '#ffffff' becames...

BAYASHI/Plack-Middleware-DevFilter-0.01 - 08 Sep 2013 12:11:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Graphics::VTK::Rendering - A Perl interface to VTKRendering library

Graphics::VTK::Rendering is an interface to the Rendering libaray of the C++ visualization toolkit VTK.....

CERNEY/Graphics-VTK-4.0.001 - 01 Feb 2003 15:47:39 GMT - Search in distribution

SWISH::Filters::ImageTypesToXml - A filter that applies Imager::ImageTypes to index

LOGIE/SWISH-Filters-ImageTypesToXml-0.05 - 28 Dec 2011 04:21:31 GMT - Search in distribution

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