File::Locate - Search the (s)locate-database from Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

File::Locate provides the "locate()" function that scans the locate database for a given substring or POSIX regular expression. The module can handle both plain old locate databases as well as the more hip slocate format....

VPARSEVAL/File-Locate-0.62 - 17 Feb 2007 14:09:28 UTC

File::Mirror - Perl extension for recursive directory copy River stage zero No dependents

"File::Mirror" provides two helper functions to do recursive directory operations between source path and destination path. One is to call "mirror" which will do recursive copy. The other is to call "recursive" with a code block, which will be code f...

JWU/File-Mirror-0.10 - 26 Feb 2007 16:19:19 UTC

LibWeb::File - File manipulations for libweb applications River stage zero No dependents

METHODS read_lines_from_file() Params: -file => Open, read all lines, close "-file" and return the lines in an ARRAY reference. write_lines_to_file() Params: -file =>, -lines => Pre: * "-lines" is an ARRAY reference to lines which are scalars. Post: ...

CKONG/LibWeb-0.02 - 19 Jul 2000 22:25:12 UTC

File::Marker - Set and jump between named position markers on a filehandle River stage zero No dependents

File::Marker allows users to set named markers for the current position in a filehandle and then later jump back to a marked position. A File::Marker object is a subclass of IO::File, providing full filehandle object functionality. File::Marker autom...

DAGOLDEN/File-Marker-0.14 - 19 Dec 2013 20:24:47 UTC

Sysync::File - Use Sysync with flat-files on the backend. River stage zero No dependents

MJFLICK/Sysync-0.35 - 04 Dec 2013 22:48:54 UTC

File::SafeDO - safer do file for perl River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

* $rv = DO($file,[optional] "no warnings string"); This is a fancy 'do file'. It first checks that the file exists and is readable, then does a 'do file' to pull the variables and subroutines into the current name space. The 'do' is executed with ful...

MIKER/File-SafeDO-0.14 - 27 Jan 2014 21:02:01 UTC

File::Update - update/modify/mutate a file only on change in contents. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

SHLOMIF/File-Update-0.2.1 - 28 Jan 2020 18:21:30 UTC

File::RsyBak - Backup files/directories with histories, using rsync River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is basically just a wrapper around rsync to create a filesystem backup system. Some characteristics of this backup system: * Supports backup histories and history levels For example, you can create 7 level-1 backup histories (equals 7 dai...

PERLANCAR/File-RsyBak-0.361 - 11 Mar 2019 11:14:21 UTC

File::Checkm - routines to manage Checkm manifests River stage zero No dependents

This is very brief documentation for the Checkm Perl module....

JAK/File-Checkm-v0.3.3 - 09 Oct 2010 14:13:38 UTC

File::Remove - Remove files and directories River stage three • 60 direct dependents • 323 total dependents

File::Remove::remove removes files and directories. It acts like /bin/rm, for the most part. Although "unlink" can be given a list of files, it will not remove directories; this module remedies that. It also accepts wildcards, * and ?, as arguments f...

SHLOMIF/File-Remove-1.60 - 22 Oct 2020 06:51:12 UTC

File::Dircmp - directory comparison River stage zero No dependents

The dircmp command examines dir1 and dir2 and generates various tabulated information about the contents of the directories. Listings of files that are unique to each directory are generated for all the options. If no option is entered, a list is out...

SCHULTE/File-Dircmp-1.30 - 02 Jun 2004 19:07:18 UTC

File::MMagic - Guess file type River stage three • 26 direct dependents • 153 total dependents

checktype_filename(), checktype_filehandle() and checktype_contents returns string contains file type with MIME mediatype format....

KNOK/File-MMagic-1.30 - 02 Jul 2013 06:28:44 UTC

File::Random - Perl module for random selecting of a file River stage zero No dependents

This module simplifies the routine job of selecting a random file. (As you can find at CGI scripts). It's done, because it's boring (and errorprone), always to write something like my @files = (<*.*>); my $randf = $files[rand @files]; or opendir DIR,...

BIGJ/File-Random-0.21 - 10 Apr 2021 05:42:27 UTC

File::Finder - nice wrapper for File::Find ala find(1) River stage zero No dependents

"File::Find" is great, but constructing the "wanted" routine can sometimes be a pain. This module provides a "wanted"-writer, using syntax that is directly mappable to the *find* command's syntax. Also, I find myself (heh) frequently just wanting the...

MERLYN/File-Finder-0.53 - 08 Apr 2005 19:50:53 UTC

File::Stream - Regular expression delimited records from streams River stage zero No dependents

Perl filehandles are streams, but sometimes they just aren't powerful enough. This module offers to have streams from filehandles searched with regexes and allows the global input record separator variable to contain regexes. Thus, readline() and the...

SMUELLER/File-Stream-2.30 - 06 Feb 2011 18:19:20 UTC

File::RelDir - Perl module that returns relative path between two directories River stage zero No dependents

The File:RelDir provides a mechanism to determine the relative path between two directory structures. It honours case sensitivity unless one (or both) the paths compared appears to be a windows path, when it becomes case insensitive. It returns undef...

DROBERTS/File-RelDir-0.1 - 06 Mar 2012 12:57:36 UTC

File::Rename - Perl extension for renaming multiple files River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

"rename( FILES, CODE [, VERBOSE])" rename FILES using CODE, if FILES is empty read list of files from stdin "rename_files( CODE, VERBOSE, FILES)" rename FILES using CODE "rename_list( CODE, VERBOSE, HANDLE [, FILENAME])" rename a list of file read fr...

RMBARKER/File-Rename-1.20 - 22 Mar 2021 19:25:29 UTC

File::Ignore - Ignore files that are good to ignore River stage zero No dependents

RKRIMEN/File-Ignore-0.021 - 12 Nov 2007 03:04:43 UTC

File::Binary - Binary file reading module River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

File::Binary is a Binary file reading module, hence the name, and was originally used to write a suite of modules for manipulating Macromedia SWF files. However it's grown beyond that and now actually, err, works. And is generalised. And EVERYTHING! ...

SIMONW/File-Binary-1.7 - 01 Apr 2008 17:13:08 UTC

File::Policy - Site policy for file I/O functions River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 22 total dependents

This defines the policy for file I/O with modules such as File::Slurp::WithinPolicy. The purpose is to allow systems administrators to define locations and restrictions for applications' file I/O and give app developers a policy to follow. Note that ...

BBC/File-Policy-1.005 - 15 Jun 2005 13:23:24 UTC
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