Mojo::Log::JSON - Simple JSON logger River stage zero No dependents

Mojo::Log::JSON is a simple JSON logger for Mojo projects. It logs a JSON object (hashref) per log message. Each object occupies a single line to allow easy parsing of the log output. The key "level" is always added to the data structure, with the va...

MJEMMESON/Mojo-Log-JSON-0.04 - 08 Sep 2015 14:17:30 UTC

Mojo::Log::More - Mojo::Log with More details River stage zero No dependents

This module is a small wrapper around Mojo::Log which allows you to log "caller()" information with your log messages automatically. You do not need to use big logging systems like Log::Dispatch or Log::Log4perl to get this feature anymore. "format" ...

ODC/Mojo-Log-More-1.02 - 01 Mar 2015 17:00:11 UTC

Log::Deep::File - Object for keeping track of info related to a log file. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

IVANWILLS/Log-Deep-v0.3.5 - 27 Jul 2015 06:46:11 UTC

Log::Info::Fork - a process that forks, and its output is captured and logged. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

FLUFFY/Log-Info-2.00 - 19 Dec 2010 09:03:25 UTC

Log::GELF::Util - Utility functions for Graylog's GELF format. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Log::GELF::Util is a collection of functions and data structures useful when working with Graylog's GELF Format version 1.1. It strives to support all of the features and options as described in the GELF specification <

ADAMC/Log-GELF-Util-0.96 - 01 Mar 2016 12:50:57 UTC

Log::Agent::Tag - formats caller information River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This class is meant to be inherited by all the classes implementing a log message tag. A message tag is a little string that is either appended or prepended to all log messages. For instance, and oversimplifying a bit, a tag meant to be prepended wil...

MROGASKI/Log-Agent-1.003 - 10 Nov 2017 05:05:23 UTC

Log::NullLogLite - The Log::NullLogLite class implements the Null Object pattern for the Log::LogLite class. River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 34 total dependents

The "Log::NullLogLite" class is derived from the "Log::LogLite" class and implement the Null Object Pattern to let us to use the "Log::LogLite" class with null "Log::LogLite" objects. We might want to do that if we use a "Log::LogLite" object in our ...

RANI/Log-LogLite-0.82 - 24 Sep 2002 12:41:24 UTC

Log::SelfHistory - Perl extension for logging self execution history. River stage zero No dependents

Log self execution history in the caller script itself. Also control the number of exectuions logged. ****** Module Works on Unix Boxes Only *******...

TUSHAR/Log-SelfHistory_0.1 - 07 Aug 2010 11:04:18 UTC

Log::ProgramInfo - log global info from a perl programs. River stage zero No dependents

BOUTROSLB/Log-ProgramInfo-v0.1.13 - 14 Jul 2016 19:22:07 UTC

EntityModel::Log - simple logging support for EntityModel River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 9 total dependents

Yet another logging class. Provides a procedural and OO interface as usual - intended for use with EntityModel only, if you're looking for a general logging framework try one of the other options in the "SEE ALSO" section....

TEAM/EntityModel-Log-0.006 - 27 Jun 2014 18:13:07 UTC

No::Worries::Log - logging without worries River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This module eases information logging by providing convenient functions to log and filter information. All the functions die() on error. It provides five main functions to submit information to be logged: * log_error(ARGUMENTS): for error information...

LCONS/No-Worries-1.6 - 03 Apr 2019 05:54:11 UTC

Net::Daemon::Log - Utility functions for logging River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Net::Daemon::Log is a utility class for portable logging messages. By default it uses syslog (Unix) or Win32::EventLog (Windows), but logging messages can also be redirected to stderr or a log file. Generic Logging $self->Log($level, $msg, @args); Th...

MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48 - 09 Mar 2011 17:54:49 UTC

Log::Fine::Utils - Functional wrapper around Log::Fine River stage zero No dependents

The Utils class provides a functional wrapper for Log::Fine and friends, thus saving the developer the tedious task of mucking about in object-oriented land....

CFUHRMAN/Log-Fine-0.65 - 25 Jun 2016 22:06:02 UTC

Log::UDP::Client - A simple way to send structured log messages via UDP River stage zero No dependents

This module enables you to send a message (simple string or complicated object) over an UDP socket to a listening server. The message will be encoded with a serializer module (default is Storable)....

ROBINS/Log-UDP-Client-0.20.2 - 05 Jan 2017 16:20:58 UTC

Log::UDP::Server - A simple way to receive and handle structured messages via UDP River stage zero No dependents

This module enables you to receive a message (simple string or complicated object) over a UDP socket. An easy way to send a structured message is to use Log::UDP::Client. The message received will automatically be handled by the specified callback....

ROBINS/Log-UDP-Server-0.40.0 - 27 Sep 2010 18:00:30 UTC

SVK::Log::Filter - base class for all log filters River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

SVK::Log::Filter is a class for displaying or otherwise processing revision properties. The SVK "log" command uses filter classes to handle the details of processing the revision properties. The bulk of this document explains how to write those filte...

CLKAO/SVK-v2.2.3 - 23 Mar 2010 15:19:59 UTC

Parse::Log::Smbd - parse log.smbd files to fetch usernames and connections to network shares River stage zero No dependents

AFFC/Parse-Log-Smbd-0.02 - 22 Jun 2010 21:06:38 UTC

Mail::Log::Trace - Trace an email through the mailsystem logs. River stage zero No dependents

This is the root-level class for a mail tracer: It allows you to search for and find messages in maillogs. Accessors are provided for info common to most maillogs: Specific subclasses may have further accessors depending on their situation. Probably ...

DSTAAL/Mail-Log-Trace-1.0101 - 02 Feb 2009 20:16:32 UTC

Games::FEAR::Log - Log analysis tool for F.E.A.R. dedicated servers River stage zero No dependents

This module allows the parsing of a F.E.A.R. multiplayer server log into a manageable database format, and provides an easy to use object-oriented interface to access that information. This information could then be used to create a CGI scoreboard ap...

EVANK/Games-FEAR-Log-0.02 - 22 Sep 2007 01:41:28 UTC

Mail::Log::Parse - Parse and return info in maillogs River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is the root-level module for a generic mail log file parser. It is capable of opening either a compressed or uncompressed logfile, and either stepping through it line by line, or seeking around in it based on the logical lines. (Lines not pertai...

DSTAAL/Mail-Log-Parse-1.0402 - 15 Nov 2015 00:46:06 UTC

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