AC::DC - Asynchronous IO Framework. plus.

SOLVE/AC-DC-1 - 21 Jan 2011 15:34:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Yars - Yet Another RESTful-Archive Service

Yars is a simple RESTful server for data storage. Properly configured it provides consistent WRITE availability, and eventual READ availability. Once files are written to the storage cluster they are immutable (new files can -- even with the same fil...

PLICEASE/Yars-1.22 - 22 Apr 2016 17:54:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Nama - digital audio workstation

Nama performs multitrack recording, effects processing, editing, mixing, mastering, live performance and general-purpose audio processing, using the Ecasound realtime audio engine. Audio Functionality Audio projects may be developed using tracks, bus...

GANGLION/Audio-Nama-1.208 - 11 Jan 2016 09:37:08 GMT - Search in distribution

perlebcdic - Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms

An exploration of some of the issues facing Perl programmers on EBCDIC based computers. Portions of this document that are still incomplete are marked with XXX. Early Perl versions worked on some EBCDIC machines, but the last known version that ran o...

RJBS/perl-5.24.0   (6 reviews) - 09 May 2016 11:35:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::String - Arbitrary sized integers having arbitrary charsets to calculate with key rooms

This module lets you calculate with strings (specifically passwords, but not limited to) as if they were big integers. The strings can have arbitrary length and charsets. Please see Math::String::Charset for full documentation on possible character s...

TELS/Math-String-1.28 - 03 Apr 2008 16:14:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Unicode::Tussle - Tom's Unicode Scripts So Life is Easier

These programs are installed wherever you told the build system to install programs. These are part of Tom's *Perl Unicode Essentials* talk from OSCON 2011. You might have to adjust your fonts to see some of the characters in these examples. George D...

BDFOY/Unicode-Tussle-1.111 - 07 Jun 2016 18:56:49 GMT - Search in distribution

String::Canonical - Creates canonical strings.

This module generates a canonical string by converting roman numerals to digits, English descriptions of numbers to digits, stripping off all accents on characters (as well as handling oe = ö, ae = æ, etc.), replacing words with symbols (e.g. and = &...

ECALDER/String-Canonical-1.2 - 15 Feb 2004 05:45:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Asm::Z80::Table - Z80 assembly / disassembly tables

This module provides hash tables to assemble / disassemble all Z80 CPU assembly instructions, including undocumented ones (e.g. 'ld ixh,N') and instructions composed by sequences (e.g. 'ld bc,hl'). This module is used in a Z80 assembler / disassemble...

PSCUST/Asm-Z80-Table-0.03 - 28 Dec 2015 20:58:20 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::Locale::ca - Locale data examples for the ca locale.

This pod file contains examples of the locale data available for the Catalan locale. Days Wide (format) dilluns dimarts dimecres dijous divendres dissabte diumenge Abbreviated (format) dl. dt. dc. dj. dv. ds. dg. Narrow (format) dl dt dc dj dv ds dg ...

DROLSKY/DateTime-Locale-1.05   (1 review) - 26 Jun 2016 16:00:08 GMT - Search in distribution

MIDI::Simple::Drummer - An algorithmic MIDI drummer

This is a "robotic" drummer that provides algorithmic methods to make beats, rhythms, noise, what have you. It is also a glorified metronome. This is not a traditional "drum machine" that is controlled in a mechanical or "arithmetic" sense. It is a "...

GENE/MIDI-Simple-Drummer-0.0803 - 04 Oct 2015 22:54:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Compress::BraceExpansion - create a human-readable compressed string suitable for shell brace expansion

Shells such as bash and zsh have a feature call brace expansion. These allow users to specify an expression to generate a series of strings that contain similar patterns. For example: $ echo a{b,c} ab ac $ echo aa{bb,xx}cc aabbcc aaxxcc $ echo a{b,x}...

VVU/Compress-BraceExpansion-0.1.7 - 03 Nov 2009 00:00:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::Velleman::PPS10 - Read data from Velleman PPS10 oscilloscope

The Velleman PPS10 oscilloscope sends each frame of the signal displayed on its LCD screen as a series of packets over the serial port. Each packet contains 256 voltage samples, which if traced graphically, replicates the signal the LCD screen. The d...

NARBEY/Device-Velleman-PPS10-0.03 - 27 Dec 2011 03:47:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::AlignIO::stockholm - stockholm sequence input/output stream

This object can transform Bio::Align::AlignI objects to and from stockholm flat file databases. This has been completely refactored from the original stockholm parser to handle annotation data and now includes a write_aln() method for (almost) comple...

CJFIELDS/BioPerl-1.6.924 - 10 Jul 2014 20:22:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Convert::IBM390::CP00280 - EBCDIC Italy

GROMMEL/Convert-IBM390-0.28 - 20 Sep 2015 01:08:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Locale::RecodeData::CWI - Conversion routines for CWI

This module is generated and contains the conversion tables and routines for CWI....

GUIDO/libintl-perl-1.26 - 13 Jun 2016 09:07:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Lab::Instrument::HP34420A - HP/Agilent 34420A digital multimeter

The Lab::Instrument::HP34420A class implements an interface to the 34420A digital multimeter by Agilent (formerly HP). This module is in big parts equal to the 34410A and 34411A multimeter drivers....

AKHUETTEL/Lab-Measurement-3.515 - 02 Aug 2016 15:01:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Algorithm::QuineMcCluskey - solve Quine-McCluskey set-cover problems

This module minimizes Boolean expressions <> using the Quine-McCluskey algorithm <>. Object Methods new([<attribute> => value, ...]) Creates t...

JGAMBLE/Algorithm-QuineMcCluskey-0.10 - 20 Jul 2016 22:55:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation

This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to reference specific meta information extracted from or written to a file....

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-10.20   (10 reviews) - 13 Jun 2016 14:05:58 GMT - Search in distribution


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FAST::Bio::AlignIO::stockholm - stockholm sequence input/output stream

This object can transform FAST::Bio::Align::AlignI objects to and from stockholm flat file databases. This has been completely refactored from the original stockholm parser to handle annotation data and now includes a write_aln() method for (almost) ...

DHARD/FAST-1.06 - 21 Apr 2015 08:04:25 GMT - Search in distribution