ACH - ACH perl object River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

ACH is a simple, generic perl object that contains the data necesary to create an ACH file. It's intentional use is for testing purposes ONLY. ACH will allow a developer to manipulate specific data fields in an ACH formatted object....

CPKOIS/ACH-0.01 - 02 Jun 2006 18:28:33 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::ACH - place holder module to request the distribution in PAUSE River stage zero No dependents

ASB/Tk-ACH-0.08 - 13 Nov 2016 23:32:19 UTC - Search in distribution
  • ptktrl - Simple perl/Tk shell with cmd line editing and a persistent history

ACH::Parser - Parse an ACH formatted file to ACH perl object River stage zero No dependents

ACH::Parser is a simple, generic ACH file to ACH object parser. It's intentional use is for testing purposes ONLY. ACH-Parser will allow a developer to look at the particular fields in an ACH formatted file....

CPKOIS/ACH-Parser-0.01 - 02 Jun 2006 18:30:17 UTC - Search in distribution

ACH::Generator - Generates an ACH formatted file from an ACH perl object River stage zero No dependents

ACH::Generator is a simple, generic subclass of ACH used to generate ACH files. It's intentional use is for testing purposes ONLY. ACH-Generator will allow a developer to create an ACH formatted file....

CPKOIS/ACH-Generator-0.01 - 02 Jun 2006 18:30:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Business::OnlinePayment::WesternACH - Western ACH backend for Business::OnlinePayment River stage zero No dependents

For detailed information see Business::OnlinePayment....

MWELLS/Business-OnlinePayment-WesternACH-0.08 - 25 Feb 2010 02:03:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::API::Stripe::Payment::Source::ACHDebit - A Stripe ACH Debit Object River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module contains a snapshot of the transaction specific details of the ach_debit payment method. This is instantiated by method ach_debit in module Net::API::Stripe::Payment::Method::Details and Net::API::Stripe::Payment::Source...

JDEGUEST/Net-API-Stripe-v1.0.8 - 27 May 2020 20:24:32 UTC - Search in distribution

Business::PaperlessTrans::Request::ProcessACH - AuthorizeCard Request River stage zero No dependents

XENO/Business-PaperlessTrans-0.002000 - 19 Jul 2013 07:27:10 UTC - Search in distribution

ptksh - Perl/Tk script to provide a graphical user interface for testing Perl/Tk commands and scripts. River stage three • 148 direct dependents • 159 total dependents

ptksh is a perl/Tk shell to enter perl commands interactively. When one starts ptksh a MainWindow is automaticly created, along with a ptksh command window. One can access the main window by typing commands using the variable $mw at the 'ptksh> ' pro...

SREZIC/Tk-804.036 - 14 Feb 2021 12:53:44 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Tk::Tree - Create and manipulate Tree widgets
  • Tk::contrib - how to find/contribute perl/Tk code

PDL::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about PDL River stage two • 91 direct dependents • 98 total dependents

This is version 1.008 of the PDL FAQ, a collection of frequently asked questions about PDL - the Perl Data Language....

ETJ/PDL-2.080 - 28 May 2022 16:44:03 UTC - Search in distribution

tkpod - Perl/Tk Pod browser River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

tkpod is a simple Pod browser with hypertext capabilities. Pod (Plain Old Document) is a simple and readable markup language that could be mixed with perl code. Pods are searched by default in @INC and $ENV{PATH}. Directories listed on the command li...

SREZIC/Tk-Pod-0.9943 - 31 Jan 2016 13:45:11 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI_Lite - Perl module to process and decode WWW forms and cookies. River stage zero No dependents

You can use this module to decode form and query information, including file uploads, as well as cookies in a very simple manner; you need not concern yourself with the actual details behind the decoding process....

SHGUN/CGI_Lite-1.8 - 17 Jul 1997 13:27:45 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::Tree - Create and manipulate Tree widgets River stage zero No dependents

The Tree method creates a new window and makes it into a Tree widget and return a reference to it. Additional options, described above, may be specified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the Tree widget such as its...

CTDEAN/Tk-Tree-0.05 - 13 Jan 1998 08:43:11 UTC - Search in distribution

I18N::LangTags::List - tags and names for human languages River stage five • 11014 direct dependents • 32024 total dependents

This module provides a function "I18N::LangTags::List::name( *langtag* ) " that takes a language tag (see I18N::LangTags) and returns the best attempt at an English name for it, or undef if it can't make sense of the tag. The function I18N::LangTags:...

RJBS/perl-5.36.0 - 28 May 2022 00:26:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Locales::DB::Docs::PluralForms - plural form details reference for all included locales River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

CLDR defines a set of broad plural categories and rules < al_rules.html> that determine which category any given number will fall under. Locales allows you to determine the plural...

DMUEY/Locales-0.34 - 15 Jan 2016 22:28:58 UTC - Search in distribution

RTx::From - Make it easier to find users and their tickets River stage zero No dependents

JPIERCE/RTx-From-0.04 - 11 Aug 2009 16:22:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Business::OnlinePayment - Perl extension for online payment processing River stage two • 40 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

Business::OnlinePayment is a generic module for processing payments through online credit card processors, electronic cash systems, etc....

IVAN/Business-OnlinePayment-3.05 - 02 Feb 2018 17:33:24 UTC - Search in distribution

MetaTrans::Languages - Simple "database" of most of the known languages. Extracted from MARC codes for languages, River stage zero No dependents

SKIM/MetaTrans-1.05 - 06 Sep 2009 12:48:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Acme::eng2kor - English to Korean Translator River stage zero No dependents

Yet Another Translator...

AANOAA/Acme-eng2kor-v0.0.2 - 11 Feb 2011 06:32:53 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::FileEntry - FileEntry widget with optional file selection box River stage zero No dependents

FileEntry is a composite widget for choosing files. It features a Tk::Label, Tk::Entry, and a Tk::Button. When the button is clicked, a dialog for choosing a file will show up. The path of the chosen file will be inserted into the entry widget. The l...

ASB/Tk-FileEntry-2.4 - 28 Oct 2020 02:53:15 UTC - Search in distribution
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