Acme::123 - Prints 1-10 in different languages

Prints numbers one through ten in different languages. Currently only English, French, Spanish, and Italian supported. In later versions, more languages will be supported....

NATHANM/Acme-123-0.04 - 18 Nov 2013 16:48:54 GMT - Search in distribution

PGN - Portable Game Notation for Chess

This is the Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide, as revised on 12th March 1994....

GDR/Games-Chess-0.003 - 07 Jun 1999 12:42:08 GMT - Search in distribution


HINRIK/Perl6-Doc-0.47 - 06 Dec 2010 03:25:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Db::GTM - Perl extension to interface with GT.M global data

This module provides access to a GT.M database by presenting it as a PERL module. Since GT.M is a hierarchical database (also known as an Object-Oriented database), each node of the database is treated as a list. Instead of having a simple key like '...

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Venue Random-Lists (Rlist) is a tag/value text format, which can "stringify" any data structure in 7-bit ASCII text. The basic types are lists and scalars. The syntax is similar, but not equal to Perl's. For example, ( "hello", "world" ) { "hello" = ...

ASPINDLER/Data-Rlist-1.44 - 27 Jul 2008 19:50:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Autouse - Run-time load a class the first time you call a method in it.

Class::Autouse is a runtime class loader that allows you to specify classes that will only load when a method of that class is called. For large classes or class trees that might not be used during the running of a program, such as Date::Manip, this ...

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perlnewmod - Preparar la distribución de un módulo nuevo

ENELL/POD2-ES- - 01 Jan 2017 21:24:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::ebug - A simple, extensible Perl debugger

A debugger is a computer program that is used to debug other programs. Devel::ebug is a simple, extensible Perl debugger with a clean API. Using this module, you may easily write a Perl debugger to debug your programs. Alternatively, it comes with an...

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DBD::LDAP - Provides an SQL/Perl DBI interface to LDAP

LDAP stands for the "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol". For more information, see: DBD::LDAP is a DBI extension module adding an SQL database interface to standard LDAP databases to Perl's database-independent ...

TURNERJW/DBD-LDAP-0.22 - 24 Jan 2015 17:57:22 GMT - Search in distribution

perlnewmod - preparing a new module for distribution

This document gives you some suggestions about how to go about writing Perl modules, preparing them for distribution, and making them available via CPAN. One of the things that makes Perl really powerful is the fact that Perl hackers tend to want to ...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.26.0 - 30 May 2017 19:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DB::Object - Extensible, high performance object-relational mapper (ORM).

Rose::DB::Object is a base class for objects that encapsulate a single row in a database table. Rose::DB::Object-derived objects are sometimes simply called "Rose::DB::Object objects" in this documentation for the sake of brevity, but be assured that...

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Acme::Tools - Lots of more or less useful subs lumped together and exported into your namespace

Subs created and collected since the mid-90s....

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DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Reference - General reference for DBIx::DataModel

DAMI/DBIx-DataModel-2.46 - 02 Jun 2015 06:46:41 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::DBO2::Fields - Construct methods for database fields

This package creates methods for DBIx::DBO2::Record objects. It's based on Class::MakeMethods::Template. Accessing Field Attributes Calling "->fields()" on a class or instance returns a hash of field-name => field-attribute-hash pairs. my %fields = E...

EVO/DBIx-DBO2-0.008 - 04 Apr 2004 18:10:31 GMT - Search in distribution


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Acme::EyeDrops - Visual Programming in Perl

"Acme::EyeDrops" converts a Perl program into an equivalent one, but without all those unsightly letters and numbers. In a Visual Programming breakthrough, EyeDrops allows you to pour the generated program into various shapes, such as UML diagrams, e...

ASAVIGE/Acme-EyeDrops-1.62 - 12 Apr 2015 06:43:50 GMT - Search in distribution

UR::BoolExpr - a "where clause" for objects

A UR::BoolExpr object captures a set of match criteria for some class of object. Calls to get(), create(), and define_set() all use this internally to objectify their parameters. If given a boolean expression object directly they will use it. Otherwi...

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POE::Component::Amazon::S3 - Work with Amazon S3 using POE

POE::Component::Amazon::S3 is an asynchronous Amazon S3 client based loosely on Net::Amazon::S3. Amazon provides an "infinite" Simple Storage Service (S3) where you may store as much data as you like, paying only for the bandwidth and disk space used...

AGRUNDMA/POE-Component-Amazon-S3-0.01 - 09 Feb 2007 16:57:43 GMT - Search in distribution

App::p5stack - manage your dependencies and perl requirements locally

p5stack is a tool that given a small set of configuration directives allows to quickly (in a single command) setup the required modules inside a local directory specific to this project. Including a specific perl version if required. This allows to c...

SMASH/App-p5stack-0.004 - 22 Dec 2015 12:30:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Business::iDEAL::Mollie - Backend for iDEAL payments through

"Business::iDEAL::Mollie" provides a backend to process iDEAL payments through METHODS The following methods can be used new "new" creates a new "Business::iDEAL::Mollie" object. options baseurl Defaults to <>...

BLOM/Business-iDEAL-Mollie-0.01 - 17 May 2006 11:26:52 GMT - Search in distribution

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