Acme::CPANAuthors::CPANTS::FiveOrMore - CPAN Authors with five or more dists ++

This class provides a hash of PAUSE IDs and names of CPAN authors who have five or more distributions in the CPANTS database. DEVELOPMENT The current sources of this module are found on github, <git://

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Task::CPANAuthors - All Acme::CPANAuthors modules at once 1 ++

This tasks installs all Acme::CPANAuthors modules. CONTENT Acme::CPANAuthors - We are CPAN authors Task::CPANAuthors::Regional - All regional Acme::CPANAuthors modules at once Acme::CPANAuthors::Acme::CPANAuthors::Authors - We are CPAN authors who ha...

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Acme::CPANAuthors - We are CPAN authors ++

Sometimes we just want to know something to confirm we're not alone, or to see if we're doing right things, or to look for someone we can rely on. This module provides you some basic information on us. WHY THIS MODULE? We've been holding a Kwalitee c...

ISHIGAKI/Acme-CPANAuthors-0.25 - 25 Jan 2015 04:09:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::CPANAuthors::Russian - We are Russian CPAN authors 3 ++

This class provides a hash of Russian CPAN authors' PAUSE ID and name to the "Acme::CPANAuthors" module. MAINTENANCE If you are a Russian CPAN author not listed here, please send us your ID/name via email or RT so we can always keep this module up to...

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