Acme::Curses::Marquee - Animated Figlet!

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Acme::Curses::Marquee::Extensions - Extensions for Acme::Curses::Marquee

Inherits all methods of Acme::Curses::Marquee, except for "new", which is among those outlined below. This module also performs a little slight of hand to remove the parent class's dependency on a figlet binary (in your path). new( *%params* ) winw T...

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Text::FIGlet - provide FIGlet abilities, akin to banner i.e; ASCII art

Text::FIGlet reproduces its input using large characters made up of other characters; usually ASCII, but not necessarily. The output is similar to that of many banner programs--although it is not oriented sideways--and reminiscent of the sort of *sig...

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