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Acme::DonMartin - For programs that are easy to dictate over the telephone 1 ++

Perl is a very difficult language to dictate over the phone. All those pesky punctuation characters and gruesome glyphs make it very laborious to speak out loud. To compound the problem, most people can't even agree on what something as basic as "#" ...

DLAND/Acme-DonMartin-0.09   (2 reviews) - 03 Nov 2006 10:58:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::MetaSyntactic::donmartin - The Don Martin theme 1 ++

The sound effects from Don Martin's comics. The comprehensive list is found on Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site: <http://www.madcoversite.com/dmd.html>. CONTRIBUTOR Vahe Sarkissian. CHANGES * 2013-10-14 - v1.003 Updated from the source web site in Acme-...

BOOK/Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes-1.040 - 15 Jun 2014 22:55:22 GMT - Search in distribution

meta - A simple front-end to Acme::MetaSyntactic 3 ++

meta is a simple front-end to Acme::MetaSyntactic. A few examples should make it easy to understand what it does and how it works: $ meta baz $ meta batman powie $ meta donmartin 3 kloong thoof_foing weeooweeeoooo $ meta -ws browser 4 arachne netscap...

BOOK/Acme-MetaSyntactic-1.012   (1 review) - 14 Oct 2013 22:42:53 GMT - Search in distribution

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