Acme::Fork::Bomb - crashes your program and probably your system River stage zero No dependents

WARNING: Using this will crash your system. You have been warned. Steps to use: 1 Install. 2 Add "use Acme::Fork::Bomb" to your program. 3 Run your program. 4 Reboot....

HANENKAMP/Acme-Fork-Bomb-2.0 - 14 Jun 2012 20:05:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Bot::Backbone::Service::Web::LinkTitle - Retrieve the titles of links pasted into chat River stage zero No dependents

Whenever someone pasts a link to a chat the bot is monitoring, the bot will use URI::Title to find the title or description of the linked document and report it back to the chat....

HANENKAMP/Bot-Backbone-Service-Web-0.142250 - 13 Aug 2014 14:50:48 GMT - Search in distribution

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