Acme::Labs - When you need an extraordinary plan to Take Over the World

When you run a program under "use Acme::Labs", the module replaces all the big, complicated words in your source file. The code will still work the way it used to, but it will look something like this: use Acme::Labs; BRAIN: "Are you pondering what I...

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Acme::Lou - Let's together with Lou Ohshiba

Mr. Lou Ohshiba is a Japanese comedian. This module translates text or HTML into his style....

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Acme::Given::Hash - you like given but it's too much typing.

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Business::iDEAL::Mollie - Backend for iDEAL payments through

"Business::iDEAL::Mollie" provides a backend to process iDEAL payments through METHODS The following methods can be used new "new" creates a new "Business::iDEAL::Mollie" object. options baseurl Defaults to <>...

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