Acme::MetaSyntactic - Themed metasyntactic variables names

When writing code examples, it's always easy at the beginning: my $foo = "bar"; $foo .= "baz"; # barbaz But one gets quickly stuck with the same old boring examples. Does it have to be this way? I say "No". Here is "Acme::MetaSyntactic", designed to ...

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Task::MetaSyntactic - All Acme::MetaSyntactic themes at once

Acme::MetaSyntactic is a module designed to fill all your metasyntactic needs. There was a weekly update with new themes on CPAN between January 15, 2005 and November 6, 2006. Since version 0.99, the weekly uploads of the module have stopped, while I...

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Acme::PPIx::MetaSyntactic - rename functions and variables in a PPI::Document using Acme::MetaSyntactic

This module uses PPI to parse some Perl source code, find all the variables and function names defined in it, and reassign them random names using Acme::MetaSyntactic. Constructor This module is object-oriented, though there's really very little reas...

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