Acme::PerlTidy - Clean code every time

Acme::PerlTidy cleans up your code every time you run it....

XERN/Acme-PerlTidy-0.02   (1 review) - 12 Aug 2005 10:10:18 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI - Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)

About this Document This is the PPI manual. It describes its reason for existing, its general structure, its use, an overview of the API, and provides a few implementation samples. Background The ability to read, and manipulate Perl (the language) pr...

MITHALDU/PPI-1.220   (7 reviews) - 11 Nov 2014 20:28:37 GMT - Search in distribution

perl-metasyntactic - rename functions and variables in a Perl document

This command uses Acme::PPIx::MetaSyntactic to munge a Perl script....

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Task::Padre::Plugins - Get many Plugins of Padre at once

FAYLAND/Task-Padre-Plugins-0.26 - 22 Nov 2009 08:41:04 GMT - Search in distribution