Acme::Pi - Mmm, pie

This distribution was created to celebrate Pi Day <> 2014, as well as to demonstrate yet another example of a pathological $VERSION. Additionally, it exports a single variable, $π, defined as: atan2(1,1) * 4; This module also def...

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Acme::Pi::Abrahamic - Pi as related by Abrahamic tradition.

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perlgit - Detailed information about git and the Perl repository

This document provides details on using git to develop Perl. If you are just interested in working on a quick patch, see perlhack first. This document is intended for people who are regular contributors to Perl, including those with write access to t...

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Venue Random-Lists (Rlist) is a tag/value text format, which can "stringify" any data structure in 7-bit ASCII text. The basic types are lists and scalars. The syntax is similar, but not equal to Perl's. For example, ( "hello", "world" ) { "hello" = ...

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Acme::Tools - Lots of more or less useful subs lumped together and exported into your namespace

Subs created and collected since the mid-90s....

KJETIL/Acme-Tools-0.21 - 23 Mar 2017 00:35:42 GMT - Search in distribution

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker - Better than h2xs for creating modules

This module is a replacement for the most typical use of the h2xs utility bundled with all Perl distributions: the creation of the directories and files required for a pure-Perl module to be installable with make and distributable on the Comprehensiv...

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String::Print - printf alternative

This module inserts values into (format) strings. It provides "printf" and "sprintf" alternatives via both an object oriented and a functional interface. Read in the "DETAILS" chapter below, why this module provides a better alternative for "printf()...

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Acme::Tau - Twice the Pie

The τ that is τ is not the true τ. This is only a copy. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 3: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'τ'. Assuming ISO8859-1...

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Acme::constant - Like constant, except actually not.

This pragma lets you make inconstant constants, just like the constants the users of Ruby or Opera (before Opera 14, that is) already enjoyed. Unlike Perl constants, that are replaced at compile time, Acme constants, in true dynamic programming langu...

GLITCHMR/Acme-constant-0.1.3 - 28 Sep 2013 12:28:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Pod::MathJax - All your math are belong to us!

For now this isn't a module as such, but rather a way to test different pod-renderer's abilities to handle MathJax. The following examples are taken directly from MathJax's website....

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Acme::Math::Google - Let Google do the math

Need I say more than above? EXPORT None. Acme::Math::Google vs. WWW::Google::Calculator Darn, another wheel reinvented. This module does essentially the same as WWW::Google::Calculator but much simpler. All you need is URI and LWP::UserAgent whereas ...

DANKOGAI/Acme-Math-Google-0.02 - 20 May 2006 01:57:07 GMT - Search in distribution

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