Acme::Turing - Turing machine emulation

This module gives you the methods needed to emulate a Turing machine in Perl. Why? Because we can. This module is based on Turing's original paper (see REFERENCES), which allows complete freedom in the actions to be taken before the machine enters a ...

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Acme::Brainfuck - Embed Brainfuck in your perl code

Brainfuck is about the tiniest Turing-complete programming language you can get. A language is Turing-complete if it can model the operations of a Turing machine--an abstract model of a computer defined by the British mathematician Alan Turing in 193...

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Acme::HaltingProblem - A program to decide whether a given program halts

The Halting Problem is one of the hardest problems in computing. The problem, approximately stated, is thus: Given an arbitrary Turing Machine T and input for that turing machine D, decide whether the computation T(D) will terminate. new Acme::Haltin...

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