YourBrainForOnceDude - Just use it! ++

Just use it! IMPORTANT NOTES This is the first module to ever require Acme::Buffy. This is probably the first module ever uploaded to CPAN over a wireless network in a London pub. Cheers! AUTHOR Ingy döt Net <> COPYRIGHT Copyright 2001-2...

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clipjoin - Remove superfluous spaces from the clipboard. 2 ++
KING/Clipboard-0.13 - 13 Oct 2010 04:46:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Zilla::Dist - Dist::Zilla Mixed Up 4 ++

This module is a formalization of a Perl package directory layout and release process that I have been evolving for some time. I use the same layout for Bash, Ruby, Python and Node.js package publishing. Zilla::Dist provides a Makefile and set of scr...

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