Acme::use::strict::with::pride - enforce bondage and discipline on very naughty modules.

Acme::use::strict::with::pride installs a code reference into @INC that intercepts all future "use" and "require" requests. (code references in @INC were in 5.6.x, but were not documented until 5.8.0, which extends the feature to allow objects in @IN...

NWCLARK/Acme-use-strict-with-pride-0.04 - 26 Jul 2005 21:11:43 GMT - Search in distribution

PAR - Perl Archive Toolkit

This module lets you use special zip files, called Perl Archives, as libraries from which Perl modules can be loaded. It supports loading XS modules by overriding DynaLoader bootstrapping methods; it writes shared object file to a temporary file at t...

RSCHUPP/PAR-1.015 - 13 Apr 2017 15:29:12 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PAR::Tutorial - Cross-Platform Packaging and Deployment with PAR

anywhere - Use a module (or feature) everywhere

"anywhere" is a fork of everywhere 0.07 while waiting my proposed change to be merged (if ever). It currently only has one difference compared to "everywhere": it sets %INC entry to the file path instead of letting Perl set it to "CODE(0x...)" so oth...

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everywhere - Use a module (or feature) everywhere

I got tired of putting "use 5.010" at the top of every module. So now I can throw this in my toplevel program and not have to Repeat Myself elsewhere. In theory you should be able to pass it whatever you pass to use. Also, I just made it so you can d...

AWWAIID/everywhere-0.07 - 05 Jun 2011 01:11:43 GMT - Search in distribution

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