Alien::LibXML - install the C libxml2 library on your system

Hopefully at some point, XML::LibXML's installation scripts might use Alien::LibXML to locate or install the C libxml2 library....

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Perl::Dist::Inno - 3rd Generation Distribution Builder using Inno Setup

Perl::Dist::Inno is a Win32 Perl distribution builder that targets the Inno Setup 5 installer creation program. It provides a rich set of functionality that allows a distribution developer to specify either Perl 5.8.8 or Perl 5.10.0, specify addition...

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Alien::Base::ModuleBuild::API - API Reference for Alien:: Authors

A list of extra properties and methods provided by Alien::Base::ModuleBuild beyond those contained in Module::Build::API. Note that all property and method names are prefixed with "alien_" to prevent future collisions Module::Build builtins. CONSTRUC...

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Spreadsheet::XLSX::Reader::LibXML - Read xlsx spreadsheet files with LibXML

This is another package for parsing Excel 2007+ workbooks. The goals of this package are three fold. First, as close as possible produce the same output as is visible in an excel spreadsheet with exposure to underlying settings from Excel. Second, ad...

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