Amazon::SQS::Simple - OO API for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue Service

PENFOLD/Amazon-SQS-Simple-2.06 - 21 Mar 2017 11:00:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Amazon::SQS::Simple::AnyEvent - A non-blocking API to Amazon's SQS

This module adds non-blocking capbilities to Amazon::SQS::Simple via AnyEvent. It works by hijacking and replacing methods inside the "Amazon::SQS::Simple" namespace. However, this could easily break if the internals of Amazon::SQS::Simple change. Al...

THALJEF/Amazon-SQS-Simple-AnyEvent-0.02 - 14 Aug 2015 21:11:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Amazon::SQS::Producer - Publish messages to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue

NICWOLFF/Amazon-SQS-ProducerConsumer-0.04 - 16 Nov 2013 03:38:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Paws::SQS - Perl Interface to AWS Amazon Simple Queue Service

Welcome to the *Amazon Simple Queue Service API Reference*. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a reliable, highly-scalable hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between applications or microservices. Amazon SQS moves data between ...

JLMARTIN/Paws-0.36 - 03 Nov 2017 15:09:56 GMT - Search in distribution

AWS::SQS::Simple - This module is used to access amazon simple queue services.

ANKITAS/AWS-SQS-Simple-0.02 - 04 Feb 2014 11:29:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Amazon::SQS::Lite - Amazon SQS client

Net::Amazon::SQS::Lite is simple Amazon SQS simple client. THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT RELEASE. API MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE....

SHIBUYA/Net-Amazon-SQS-Lite-0.04 - 13 Feb 2017 10:19:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Queue::SQS - SQS Adapter for Dancer::Plugin::Queue

This module implements a Dancer::Plugin::Queue using Amazon::SQS::Simple....

CASAO/Dancer-Plugin-Queue-SQS-1.0.0 - 27 Apr 2015 22:50:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Amazon::SimpleQueue - DEPRECATED Use the Amazon Simple Queue Service

This module was written for an old version of Amazon's Simple Queue Service. It no longer works. You should use Amazon::SQS::Simple instead....

LBROCARD/Net-Amazon-SimpleQueue-0.30 - 04 Jan 2010 09:40:37 GMT - Search in distribution

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