AnyEvent::MPRPC - Simple TCP-based MPRPC client/server

This module provide TCP-based MessagePack RPC server/client implementation. AnyEvent::MPRPC provide you a couple of export functions that are shortcut of AnyEvent::MPRPC::Client and AnyEvent::MPRPC::Server. One is "mprpc_client" for Client, another i...

TOKUHIROM/AnyEvent-MPRPC-0.20   (1 review) - 01 Feb 2013 12:30:12 GMT - Search in distribution

App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

PERLANCAR/App-lcpan-0.54 - 09 Oct 2015 04:57:06 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::MessagePack - MessagePack stream serializer/deserializer for AnyEvent

AnyEvent::MessagePack is MessagePack stream serializer/deserializer for AnyEvent....

TOKUHIROM/AnyEvent-MessagePack-0.19 - 01 Nov 2012 05:58:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::MPRPC::Client - Synchronous MessagePack RPC client

This module is a simple synchronous MessagePack-RPC client, designed to use in synchronous application (e.g. prefork server) For asynchronous version of this module, take a look at AnyEvent::MPRPC::Client....

TYPESTER/Net-MPRPC-Client-0.02 - 25 Mar 2011 04:04:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Module::Advisor - check a modules you are installed

Module::Advisor checks a modules you are installed, and notice if: There is a module, have known bugs. There is a module, have optional XS module for better performance. Your are using broken version of CPAN module....

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Data::MessagePack - MessagePack serializing/deserializing

This module converts Perl data structures to MessagePack and vice versa....

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