AnyEvent::Timer::Cron - cron based timers for AnyEvent

This module creates timers based on cron rules. This module primarily exists to replace similar that try to do too much work, instead providing the simplest implementation, and using AnyEvent's standard conventions for timer lifetime....

HAARG/AnyEvent-Timer-Cron-0.002000 - 09 Jul 2015 08:16:37 GMT - Search in distribution

EV - perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop

This module provides an interface to libev (<>). While the documentation below is comprehensive, one might also consult the documentation of libev itself (<>...

MLEHMANN/EV-4.22 - 20 Dec 2015 01:35:40 GMT - Search in distribution
  • libev - a high performance full-featured event loop written in C

Log::Defer - Deferred logs and timers

I believe a lot of log processing is done too early. This module lets you defer log processing in two ways: Defer recording of log messages until some "transaction" has completed Typically this transaction is something like an HTTP request or a cron ...

FRACTAL/Log-Defer-0.312 - 07 Mar 2016 21:56:09 GMT - Search in distribution

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