AnyMQ - Non-blocking message queue system based on AnyEvent

AnyMQ is message queue system based on AnyEvent. It can store all messages in memory or use external message queue servers. Messages are published to AnyMQ::Topic, and consumed with AnyMQ::Queue....

CLKAO/AnyMQ-0.35 - 16 Feb 2013 10:58:13 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyMQ::ZeroMQ - AnyMQ adaptor for ZeroMQ

REVMISCHA/AnyMQ-ZeroMQ-0.06 - 19 Jan 2012 08:01:44 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyMQ::Pg - Use built-in PostgreSQL 'LISTEN' and 'NOTIFY' commands for message-passing.

REVMISCHA/AnyMQ-Pg-0.01 - 04 Nov 2012 23:04:59 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyMQ::AMQP - AMQP binding for AnyMQ

AnyMQ::AMQP is AnyMQ trait to work with AMQP servers....

CLKAO/AnyMQ-AMQP-0.30 - 19 Oct 2011 10:24:52 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyMQ::RawSocket - AnyMQ using just a socket and JSON.

REVMISCHA/AnyMQ-RawSocket-0.02 - 23 Apr 2012 03:19:12 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::ZeroMQ - non-blocking interface to ZeroMQ sockets

JROCKWAY/AnyEvent-ZeroMQ-0.01 - 16 May 2011 04:24:10 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ - An asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client.

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ is an AMQP(Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) client library, that is intended to allow you to interact with AMQP-compliant message brokers/servers such as RabbitMQ in an asynchronous fashion. You can use AnyEvent::RabbitMQ to - * ...

DLAMBLEY/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-1.19 - 21 Mar 2015 17:06:47 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::RPC - RPC queues via RabbitMQ

"AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::RPC" provides an AnyEvent-based reliable job queue atop the RabbitMQ event server. This can be used as a replacement for similar reliable job queue/RPC client-worker models, such as TheSchwartz. RPC classes can register calls tha...

ALEXMV/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-RPC-0.5 - 04 Nov 2012 21:40:20 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Handle::ZeroMQ - Integrate AnyEvent and ZeroMQ with AnyEvent::Handle like ways.

CINDY/AnyEvent-Handle-ZeroMQ-0.09 - 03 Sep 2011 19:11:24 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::Fork - Run AnyEvent::RabbitMQ inside AnyEvent::Fork(::RPC)

This module is mean't to be a close to a drop-in facade for running AnyEvent::RabbitMQ in a background process via AnyEvent::Fork::RPC. Tha main use case is for programs where other operations block with little control due to difficulty/laziness. In ...

MYDMNSN/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-Fork-0.5 - 28 Dec 2014 22:39:48 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::Simple - Easy to use asynchronous AMQP client

This module is meant to simplify the process of setting up the RabbitMQ channel, so you can start publishing and/or consuming messages without chaining "on_success" callbacks....

AJGB/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-Simple-0.02 - 04 Apr 2016 23:55:21 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::PubSub - Publish and consume RabbitMQ messages.

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::PubSub allows to easily create publishers and consumers of RabbitMQ messages....

TYNOVSKY/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-PubSub-3.2.0 - 22 Jun 2017 13:55:14 GMT - Search in distribution


JGNI/Locale-CLDR-Locales-Fr-v0.29.0 - 29 Apr 2016 20:56:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Jifty::Plugin::PubSub::Bus - AnyMQ class for Jifty

This class inherits from AnyMQ, and exists to provide a simpler interface to that module....

ALEXMV/Jifty-1.50430 - 30 Apr 2015 20:48:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::Hippie::PubSub - Comet/Long-poll event server using AnyMQ

This module adds publish/subscribe capabilities to Web::Hippie using AnyMQ. See eg/event_server.psgi for example usage....

REVMISCHA/Web-Hippie-PubSub-0.08 - 27 Mar 2012 20:47:41 GMT - Search in distribution

App::gh - An apt-like Github utility.

CORNELIUS/App-gh-0.66 - 11 Mar 2013 10:47:24 GMT - Search in distribution


Why have another queuing system? Well for me I wanted a queuing system that did not mean I needed to install and maintain another server (ie RabbitMQ). Something that could run against existing DBs (eg PostgreSQL). PGQ was an option, but as it throws...

MOODFARM/App-Basis-Queue-000.400.000 - 03 Dec 2015 20:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Async::AMQP - provides client interface to AMQP using IO::Async

Does AMQP things. Note that the API may change before the stable 1.000 release - "ALTERNATIVE AMQP IMPLEMENTATIONS" are listed below if you want to evaluate other options. If you want a higher-level API which manages channels and connections, try Net...

TEAM/Net-Async-AMQP-2.000 - 27 Dec 2016 12:46:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::Hippie::Pipe - Persistent Connection Abstraction for Hippie

Web::Hippie::Pipe provides unified bidirectional communication over HTTP via websocket, mxhr, or long-poll, for your "PSGI" applications....

CLKAO/Web-Hippie-0.40 - 23 Feb 2012 13:37:03 GMT - Search in distribution

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