Apache2::SubRequest - Perl API for Apache subrequests River stage three • 154 direct dependents • 181 total dependents

"Apache2::SubRequest" contains API for creating and running of Apache sub-requests. "Apache2::SubRequest" is a sub-class of "Apache2::RequestRec object"....

SHAY/mod_perl-2.0.11 - 05 Oct 2019 11:36:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Auth::Subrequest - Allow only if a Subrequest ! River stage zero No dependents

Restrict access control to a site/location/directory that...

SCOTT/Apache-Auth-Subrequest-v0.0.1 - 25 Jun 2007 00:05:13 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/CGI/ImageMagick.pm River stage zero No dependents

GRICHTER/Apache-ImageMagick-2.0b7 - 20 Sep 2002 15:27:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache2::TrapSubRequest - Trap a lookup_file/lookup_uri into a scalar River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Apache2::TrapSubRequest is a mixin to Apache2::SubRequest which enables you to collect the subrequest's response into a scalar reference. There is only one method, "run_trapped", which is demonstrated in the synopsis....

DORIAN/Apache2-TrapSubRequest-0.04 - 04 Jun 2013 04:06:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Embperl River stage zero No dependents

GRICHTER/HTML-Embperl-1.3.6 - 15 Feb 2003 19:33:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook - Cooking with Catalyst River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

Yummy code like your mum used to bake!...

HAARG/Catalyst-Manual-5.9011 - 22 Jul 2020 14:18:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Embperl::Faq - How to embed Perl code in your HTML docs River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

GRICHTER/Embperl-2.5.0 - 16 Apr 2014 18:33:32 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Mason::Devel - Mason Developer's Manual River stage two • 40 direct dependents • 75 total dependents

This manual is written for content developers who know HTML and at least a little Perl. The goal is to write, run, and debug Mason components. If you are the webmaster (or otherwise responsible for the Mason installation), you should also read the ad...

DROLSKY/HTML-Mason-1.59 - 16 May 2020 16:53:18 UTC - Search in distribution

ClearPress::view - MVC view superclass River stage zero No dependents

View superclass for the ClearPress framework...

RPETTETT/ClearPress-v2020.6.19 - 19 Jun 2020 17:20:29 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache2::SSI - Apache2 Server Side Include River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::SSI implements Apache Server Side Include <https://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/en/howto/ssi.html>, a.k.a. SSI, within and outside of Apache2/mod_perl2 framework. Apache2::SSI is inspired from the original work of Apache::SSI with the main ...

JDEGUEST/Apache2-SSI-v0.2.4 - 29 Mar 2021 22:42:20 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::XPP River stage zero No dependents

Apache::XPP is an HTML parser which on run time compiles and runs embedded perl code....

CNATION/Apache-XPP-2.02 - 12 Mar 2002 06:32:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::SSI - Implement Server Side Includes in Perl River stage zero No dependents

Apache::SSI implements the functionality of mod_include for handling server-parsed html documents. It runs under Apache's mod_perl. In my mind, there are two main reasons you might want to use this module: you can sub-class it to implement your own c...

KWILLIAMS/Apache-SSI-2.19 - 27 Jan 2005 04:04:14 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache2::CondProxy - Intelligent reverse proxy for missing resources River stage zero No dependents

This module performs the logic required to achieve what is implied by the following Apache configuration: # httpd.conf RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !-U RewriteRule (.*) http://another.host$1 [P,NS] Which says *if I can't respond to a g...

DORIAN/Apache2-CondProxy-0.17 - 03 Oct 2015 03:46:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Cindy::Apache2 - use unmodified XML or HTML documents as templates. River stage zero No dependents

"Cindy::Apache2" uses the Cindy module in an apache content handler. Cindy merges data into a document template using a content injection sheet to create its response. As you see above it is used by configuring apache. This can be done from .htaccess...

JZOBEL/Cindy-Apache2-0.09 - 26 Sep 2014 21:23:43 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::API::REST::Response - Apache2 Outgoing Response Access and Manipulation River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The purpose of this module is to provide an easy access to various method to process and manipulate incoming request. This is designed to work under modperl. Normally, one would need to know which method to access across various Apache2 mod perl modu...

JDEGUEST/Net-API-REST-v0.6.2 - 29 Dec 2020 13:44:47 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Icon - Lookup icon images River stage zero No dependents

This module rips out the icon guts of mod_autoindex and provides a Perl interface for looking up icon images. The motivation is to piggy-back the existing *AddIcon* and related directives for mapping file extensions and names to icons, while keeping ...

DOUGM/Apache-Icon-0.02 - 23 Jan 1999 19:24:40 UTC - Search in distribution

ModPerl2::Tools - a few hopefully useful tools River stage zero No dependents

This module is a collection of functions and methods that I found useful when working with "mod_perl". I work mostly under Linux. So, I don't expect all of these functions to work on other operating systems. Forking off long running processes Sometim...

OPI/ModPerl2-Tools-0.10 - 16 Jun 2011 09:35:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Request - Methods for dealing with client request data River stage two • 25 direct dependents • 25 total dependents

*Apache::Request* is a subclass of the *Apache* class, which adds methods for parsing GET requests and POST requests where *Content-type* is one of *application/x-www-form-urlencoded* or *multipart/form-data*. See the libapreq(3) manpage for more det...

ISAAC/libapreq-1.34 - 08 Jan 2009 22:13:46 UTC - Search in distribution

ePortal::Attachment - File attachment for any object River stage zero No dependents

RUSAKOV/ePortal-4.5 - 07 Apr 2004 07:56:14 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache2::AMFSwitcher - Used to switch the device to the apropriate content (mobile, fullbrowser or for transcoder) River stage zero No dependents

This module has the scope to manage with WURFLFilter.pm module the group of device (MobileDevice, PC and transcoder). To work AMFSwitcher has need WURFLFilter configured. For more details: http://www.idelfuschini.it/apache-mobile-filter-v2x.html An e...

IFUSCHINI/Apache2-WURFLFilter-2.21 - 27 Dec 2009 23:19:26 UTC - Search in distribution
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