Apache2::Ajax - mod_perl interface to CGI::Ajax

This module is a mod_perl2 interface to CGI::Ajax, which provides a mechanism for using perl code asynchronously from javascript-enhanced HTML pages. As well as mod_perl2, this package requires CGI::Ajax, as well as a CGI.pm-compatible CGI module for...

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Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl

Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables developing of dynamic web applications with session management and embedded Perl code. There are also many powerful extensions, including ...

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Apache2::PPI::HTML - Apache 2 interface to PPI::HTML

PPI::HTML is a HTML syntax highlighter for Perl source code. Because it is based on PPI it can correctly parse just about anything you can possibly throw at it, and then flexibly generate a HTML version based on any arbitrary colour scheme you wish, ...

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This module serves as a base class for all controller classes in smolder. As such it defines some behavior with regard to templates, form validation, etc and provides some utility methods for accessing this data....

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CGI::Apache2::Wrapper - CGI.pm-compatible methods via mod_perl

Certain modules, such as CGI::Ajax and JavaScript::Autocomplete::Backend, require a minimal CGI.pm-compatible module to provide certain methods, such as *param()* to fetch parameters. The standard module to do this is of course CGI.pm; however, espec...

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Apache::UploadMeter - Apache module which implements an upload meter for form-based uploads

Apache::UploadMeter is a mod_perl module which implements a status-meter/progress-bar to show realtime progress of uploads done using a form with enctype=multipart/form-data. The software includes several built-in DHTML widgets to display the progres...

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Apache2::UploadProgress - Track the progress and give realtime feedback of file uploads

This module allows you to track the progress of a file upload in order to provide a user with realtime updates on the progress of their file upload. The information that is provided by this module is very basic. It just includes the total size of the...

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ReverseProxy::FormFiller - Let Apache fill and submit any html form in place of the user

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Apache2::ASP::MediaManager - Instant file management for Apache2::ASP applications

Handling file uploads can be a real pain. Restricting file uploads and downloads to a select group of users is also problematic. And Then... And then there was "Apache2::ASP::MediaManager". Now you can have fully-functional file uploads in seconds....

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Catalyst::Plugin::UploadProgress - Realtime file upload information

This plugin is a simple, transparent method for displaying a progress bar during file uploads....

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Apache2::Controller::Render::Template - A2C render() with Template Toolkit

This module provides a nice rendering mechanism for Apache2::Controller....

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RT::Extension::ReferenceIDoitObjects - Create a ticket in relation to one or more i-doit objects

This extension gives you the opportunity to combine an issue tracker like RT with an IT documentation tool / CMDB like i-doit. It uses i-doit's API to relate a ticket with one or more CIs / objects managed by i-doit. On i-doit's side you are able to ...

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