App::Grepl - PPI-powered grep

This is Alpha code. Probably has bugs and the output format of "grepl" is likely to change at some point. Also, we'll add more things you can search for in the future. Right now, you should just need to add them to the %HANDLER_FOR hash. This softwar...

OVID/App-Grepl-0.01 - 20 Aug 2007 19:40:49 GMT - Search in distribution

ppigrep - Search PPI documents (not Perl code).

"ppigrep" is meant as a means of more intelligently searching PPI documents than via ack or "grep". You might know PPI documents better as Perl code, but there are valid PPI documents that are not valid Perl. See the PPI documentation for the details...

ELLIOTJS/PPIx-Grep-v0.0.6 - 06 Jul 2008 23:32:11 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PPIx::Grep - Search PPI documents (not Perl code).

PPIx::Shorthand - Translation of short names to PPI::Element classes.

When developing tools that allow a user to specify a subclass of PPI::Element, the long names of the classes don't make for ease of use. This module exists to provide common short names for these classes so that users don't need to learn different on...

ELLIOTJS/PPIx-Shorthand-v1.2.0 - 14 Mar 2010 21:59:15 GMT - Search in distribution

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