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Archive::Tar::Wrapper - API wrapper around the 'tar' utility River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

Archive::Tar::Wrapper is an API wrapper around the "tar" command line program. It never stores anything in memory, but works on temporary directory structures on disk instead. It provides a mapping between the logical paths in the tarball and the 're...

ARFREITAS/Archive-Tar-Wrapper-0.38 - 13 Sep 2020 22:08:58 UTC - Search in distribution

Archive::Tar::Wrapper::IPC::Cmd - Archive::Tar::Wrapper minus IPC::Run, IO::Pty River stage zero No dependents

Archive::Tar::Wrapper::IPC::Cmd is a fork of Michael Schilli's Archive::Tar::Wrapper Removed: IPC::Run, IO::Pty Added: IPC::Cmd...

BIESZCZAD/Archive-Tar-Wrapper-IPC-Cmd-0.22 - 12 Jul 2012 08:43:57 UTC - Search in distribution

Archive::Any::Tar - Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 23 total dependents

Wrapper around Archive::Tar for Archive::Any....

OALDERS/Archive-Any-0.0946 - 05 Apr 2019 20:13:17 UTC - Search in distribution

File::Unpack - A strong bz2/gz/zip/tar/cpio/rpm/deb/cab/lzma/7z/rar/... archive unpacker, based on mime-types River stage zero No dependents

JNW/File-Unpack-0.70 - 13 Mar 2015 13:47:12 UTC - Search in distribution

File::Unpack2 - A strong bz2/gz/zip/tar/cpio/rpm/deb/cab/lzma/7z/rar/... archive unpacker, based on mime-types River stage zero No dependents

KRAIH/File-Unpack2-1.0 - 01 Dec 2023 17:14:21 UTC - Search in distribution

svs - The SaVeS(tm) (Standalone Versioning System) command line interface tool. River stage zero No dependents

SaVeS is the Standalone Versioning System. It works like CVS but is simpler to use. The main interface is the command line tool "svs". This manpage describes all of the information needed to use SaVeS....

INGY/VCS-SaVeS-0.12 - 30 Oct 2002 10:10:15 UTC - Search in distribution

ppk - Perl Packager River stage zero No dependents

ppk provides a means of packaging a main Perl script, along with any number of dependencies in the form of modules explicitly specified by path and their equivalent Perl names; or, entire Perl dists in the form of tarballs or paths to unarchived dist...

XAN/Build-PPK-0.08 - 28 Nov 2018 18:56:21 UTC - Search in distribution

perl5220delta - what is new for perl v5.22.0 River stage five • 11292 direct dependents • 32664 total dependents

This document describes differences between the 5.20.0 release and the 5.22.0 release. If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as 5.18.0, first read perl5200delta, which describes differences between 5.18.0 and 5.20.0....

RJBS/perl-5.36.0 - 28 May 2022 00:26:10 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::EP - a system for embedding Perl into HTML River stage zero No dependents

Have you ever written a CGI binary? Easy thing, isn't it? Was just fun! Have you written two CGI binaries? Even easier, but not so much fun. How about the third, fourth or fifth tool? Sometimes you notice that you are always doing the same: * Reading...

JWIED/HTML-EP-0.2011 - 05 Jan 2001 13:26:37 UTC - Search in distribution

WebFetch - Perl module to download/fetch and save information from the Web River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

The WebFetch module is a framework for downloading and saving information from the web, and for saving or re-displaying it. It provides a generalized interface for saving to a file while keeping the previous version as a backup. This is mainly intend...

IKLUFT/WebFetch-0.15.9 - 04 Aug 2023 14:39:12 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables developing of dynamic web applications with session management and embedded Perl code. There are also many powerful extensions, including ...

CHAMAS/Apache-ASP-2.63 - 15 Mar 2018 05:28:37 UTC - Search in distribution

ispMailGate - a general purpose filtering MDA for sendmail River stage zero No dependents

IspMailGate is a general purpose email filtering system. The program gets included into a sendmail configuration as a delivery agent (MDA) and the usual sendmail rules can be applied for deciding which emails to feed into ispMailGate. The true filter...

JWIED/Mail-IspMailGate-1.1013 - 30 Sep 1999 14:56:50 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Mason::FAQ - Frequently asked questions River stage two • 41 direct dependents • 76 total dependents

DROLSKY/HTML-Mason-1.60 - 11 Feb 2023 18:45:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Archive::Zip - Provide an interface to ZIP archive files. River stage four • 161 direct dependents • 1061 total dependents

The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program to create, manipulate, read, and write Zip archive files. Zip archives can be created, or you can read from existing zip files. Once created, they can be written to files, streams, or strings. Members can...

PHRED/Archive-Zip-1.68 - 12 Mar 2020 17:59:46 UTC - Search in distribution

ExtUtils::MakeMaker - Create a module Makefile River stage five • 21376 direct dependents • 32646 total dependents

This utility is designed to write a Makefile for an extension module from a Makefile.PL. It is based on the Makefile.SH model provided by Andy Dougherty and the perl5-porters. It splits the task of generating the Makefile into several subroutines tha...

BINGOS/ExtUtils-MakeMaker-7.70 - 26 Mar 2023 13:29:08 UTC - Search in distribution

CommonMark - Interface to the CommonMark C library River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module is a wrapper around the official CommonMark C library *libcmark*. It closely follows the original API. The main module provides some entry points to parse documents and convenience functions for node creation. The bulk of features is avai...

NWELLNHOF/CommonMark-0.290000 - 09 Apr 2019 11:14:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Data::Embed - embed arbitrary data in a file River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to manage embedding data at the end of other files, providing both means for embedding the data ("embed" and "writer") and accessing them ("embedded" and "reader"). How can this be helpful? For example, suppose that you want to...

POLETTIX/Data-Embed-0.32 - 19 Apr 2016 04:47:37 UTC - Search in distribution

FFI::Platypus - Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required. River stage two • 65 direct dependents • 88 total dependents

Platypus is a library for creating interfaces to machine code libraries written in languages like C, C++, Go, Fortran, Rust, Pascal. Essentially anything that gets compiled into machine code. This implementation uses libffi <

PLICEASE/FFI-Platypus-2.08 - 05 May 2023 21:50:13 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions. River stage zero No dependents

App::Fetchware represents fetchware's API. For ducumentation on how to use App::Fetchware's fetchware command line interface see fetchware. It is the heart and soul of fetchware where all of fetchware's main behaviors are kept. It is fetchware's API,...

DLY/App-Fetchware-1.016 - 07 Oct 2016 04:23:59 UTC - Search in distribution

File::RsyBak - Backup files/directories with histories, using rsync River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module is basically just a wrapper around rsync to create a filesystem backup system. Some characteristics of this backup system: * Supports backup histories and history levels For example, you can create 7 level-1 backup histories (equals 7 dai...

PERLANCAR/File-RsyBak-0.361 - 11 Mar 2019 11:14:21 UTC - Search in distribution
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