Archive::Peek::External - Peek into archives without extracting them (using external tools) 1 ++

This module lets you peek into archives without extracting them. It currently supports tar files and zip files using external tools such as 'tar' and 'unzip'....

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archlib - Add tar archive to @INC path ++
EXODIST/archlib-0.002 - 29 Feb 2012 04:27:21 GMT - Search in distribution

INSTALL - Build and Installation guide for perl 5. 246 ++

This document is written in pod format as an easy way to indicate its structure. The pod format is described in pod/perlpod.pod, but you can read it as is with any pager or editor. Headings and items are marked by lines beginning with '='. The other ...

SHAY/perl-5.20.2   (6 reviews) - 14 Feb 2015 18:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

ExtUtils::MakeMaker - Create a module Makefile 31 ++

This utility is designed to write a Makefile for an extension module from a Makefile.PL. It is based on the Makefile.SH model provided by Andy Dougherty and the perl5-porters. It splits the task of generating the Makefile into several subroutines tha...

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