Aspect - Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) for Perl

What is Aspect-Oriented Programming? Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm which aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of "cross-cutting "concerns. It includes programming methods and tools that support the modu...

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Aspect::Loader - load aspect by configuration

This class is the one for where Aspect is achieved with perl. is facilitated and the management enabling and operation are facilitated by the configuration file....

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MooseX::Aspect - aspect-oriented programming toolkit for Moose

Certain parts of code are cross-cutting concerns. A classic example is the one shown in the example: logging. Other cross-cutting concerns include access control, change monitoring (e.g. setting dirty flags) and database transaction management. Aspec...

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Aspect::Library::Trace - Aspect-oriented function call tracing

Aspect Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm that increases modularity by enabling improved separation of concerns. It is most useful when dealing with cross-cutting concerns that would otherwise require code to be scattered around in many p...

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Aspect::Library::Timer - Predefined timer pointcut

"Aspect::Library::Timer" provides support for simple timers aspects....

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Aspect::Library::Memoize - Cross-cutting memoization

An aspect interface on the Memoize module. Only difference from Memoize module is that you can specify subs to be memoized using pointcuts. Works by memoizing on the 1st call, and calling the memoized version on subsequent calls....

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UR::Object::View::Aspect - a specification for one aspect of a view

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Aspect::Library::NYTProf - Allows pointcut-targetted NYTProf profiling

Aspect::Library::NYTProf provides a pre-built Aspect library for doing Devel::NYTProf profiling on a targetted subset of your application. This is implemented using the built-in "DB::enable_profile()" and "DB::disable_profile()" functions you might n...

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Aspect::Library::Profiler - reusable method call profiling aspect

This class implements a reusable aspect that profiles subroutine calls. It uses "Benchmark::Timer" to profile elapsed times for your calls to the affected methods. The profiling report will be printed to "STDERR" at the end of program execution. The ...

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Aspect::Library::TestClass - give Test::Class test methods an IUT (implementation under test)

Frequently my "Test::Class" test methods look like this: sub some_test: Test { my $self = shift; my $subject = IUT->new; # send $subject messages and verify expected results ... } After installing this aspect, they look like this: sub some_test: Test...

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X11::XCB::Sizehints::Aspect - aspect ratio size hint

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WWW::Google::Places::Review::Aspect - Represent 'review aspect' of place.

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ORLite::Profile - Experimental Aspect-Oriented Profiler for ORLite

ORLite::Profile is an experimental profiler for ORLite. It currently serves as an experimental test-bed for more wide-scoped DBI profiling and monitoring modules. It weaves Aspect-based profiling logic into the DBI layer, below the ORLite logic itsel...

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Math::FitRect - Resize one rect in to another while preserving aspect ratio.

This module is very simple in its content but can save much time, much like other simplistic modules like Data::Pager. This module is useful for calculating what size you should resize images as for such things as thumbnails....

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dip - Dynamic instrumentation like DTrace, using aspects

"dip" is a dynamic instrumentation framework for troubleshooting Perl programs in real time. "dip" can provide fine-grained information, such as a log of the arguments with which a specific function is being called. Conceptually, "dip" sits on top of...

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  • dip - Dynamic instrumentation like DTrace, using aspects

TM - Topic Maps, Base Class

This class implements directly so-called *materialized* topic maps, i.e. those maps which completely reside in memory. Non-materialized and non-materializable maps can be implemented by deriving from this class by overloading one or all of the sub-in...

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cv - a fast gtk+ image viewer loosely modeled after XV

THE IMAGE WINDOW You can use the following keys in the image window: q quit the program < half the image size > double the image size , shrink the image by 10% . enlarge the image by 10% n reset to normal size m maximize to screensize M maximize to s...

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