Astro::Coords - Class for handling astronomical coordinates

Class for manipulating and transforming astronomical coordinates. Can handle the following coordinate types: + Equatorial RA/Dec, galactic (including proper motions and parallax) + Planets + Comets/Asteroids + Fixed locations in azimuth and elevation...

TJENNESS/Astro-Coords-0.18 - 09 Nov 2012 19:52:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::SkyCat - Interface to the ESO SkyCat library

This module provides a perl interface to the ESO SkyCat library. The library can be used to retrieve catalogues and astronomical images....

TJENNESS/Astro-SkyCat-0.01 - 07 Apr 2001 02:42:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::Misc - Miscellaneous astronomical routines

Astro::Misc contains an assorted set Perl routines for doing various astronomical calculations....

CPHIL/Astro-0.78 - 27 Apr 2015 23:41:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::Coord::ECI - Manipulate geocentric coordinates

This module was written to provide a base class for a system to predict satellite visibility. Its main task is to convert the Earth-Centered Inertial (ECI) coordinates generated by the NORAD models into other coordinate systems (e.g. latitude, longit...

WYANT/Astro-satpass-0.082 - 14 Jun 2017 20:33:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::Catalog - A generic API for stellar catalogues

Stores generic meta-data about an astronomical catalogue. Takes a hash with an array reference as an argument. The array should contain a list of Astro::Catalog::Item objects. Alternatively it takes a catalogue format and either the name of a catalog...

GSB/Astro-Catalog-4.31 - 02 Apr 2014 00:46:45 GMT - Search in distribution

App::SourcePlot - implements Souce Plot application

This module contains the implementation of the Source Plot application, which can be launched using the sourceplot command. Source Plot is a simple astronomical source plotter designed to display a plot of astronomical sources on adjustable axes....

GSB/App-SourcePlot-1.28 - 02 Jun 2017 19:38:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::SolarParallax::Observer - Class for observer data for Solar Parallax measurements

This class is used to set and retrieve data about a single observer of a Transit of Venus. You may use it to set things like the observer's position on Earth and the observed contact times....

KJETILK/Astro-SolarParallax-0.04 - 20 Aug 2004 23:28:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JCMT - class combining common behaviour for modern JCMT instruments

GSB/Astro-FITS-HdrTrans-1.59 - 21 Oct 2016 22:16:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Starlink::Base - A bundle to install modules required to build Starlink Perl modules.

This bundle should be used to obtain the base set of modules required to install Starlink Perl modules....

BRADC/Bundle-Starlink-Base-0.02 - 02 Aug 2007 00:19:35 GMT - Search in distribution

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