Astro::Flux - Class for handling astronomical flux quantities. ++

Class for handling astronomical flux quantities. This class does not currently support conversions from one flux type to another (say, from magnitudes to Janskies) but may in the future. METHODS Constructor new Create a new instance of an "Astro::Flu...

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  • Astro::FluxColor - Class for handling astronomical color quantities.
  • Astro::Fluxes - Class for handling a collection of astronomical flux quantities.

Astro::Misc - Miscellaneous astronomical routines ++

Astro::Misc contains an assorted set Perl routines for doing various astronomical calculations. AUTHOR Chris Phillips FUNCTIONS read_possm Read_possm interprets the output file from the AIPS POSSM task. the task may be called ...

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Astro::Correlate - Class for cross-correlating astronomical catalogues. ++

Class for cross-correlating astronomical catalogues. METHODS CONSTRUCTOR new Create a new instance of an "Astro::Correlate" object. $corr = new Astro::Correlate( catalog1 => $cat1, catalog2 => $cat2 ); The two mandatory named arguments must be define...

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Astro::Cosmology - calculate cosmological distances, volumes, and times ++

This module provides a set of routines to calculate a number of cosmological quantities based on distance and time. Some are a bit complex - e.g. the volume element at a given redshift - while some, such as the conversion between flux and luminosity,...

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Astro::Catalog::Item - A generic star object in a stellar catalogue. ++

Stores generic meta-data about an individual stellar object from a catalogue. If the catalogue has a field center the Distance and Position Angle properties should be used to store the direction to the field center, e.g. a star from the USNO-A2 catal...

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Bundle::Starlink::Base - A bundle to install modules required to build Starlink Perl modules. ++

This bundle should be used to obtain the base set of modules required to install Starlink Perl modules. AUTHOR Brad Cavanagh ...

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