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Audio::GSM - Perl extension for libgsm ++

Audio::GSM is an OO wrapper for libgsm. Methods $gsm->option(OPTION, [EXPR]) Sets the OPTION and returns its previous value if EXPR is present, returns its current value otherwise. See gsm_option(3). $gsm->encode(PCMDATA) Encodes raw PCM data and ret...

FROLLER/Audio-GSM-0.04 - 08 May 2013 09:28:04 GMT - Search in distribution

OSDial - Perl extension for interfacing with OSDial ++

This module is inteded to provided quick and easy access to common functions in OSDial. The module will read existing configuration files, connect to the OSDial database, and interface with Asterisk as needed. CONSTRUCTOR new() - create a new OSDial ...

LOTTC/OSDial- - 14 Jun 2014 20:21:40 GMT - Search in distribution

rtpsend-pcmu.pl - Send an audio file an RTP session as u-law ++

rtpsend-pcmu.pl sends audio files to an RTP session using PCM u-law (G.711) payload encoding (RTP payload type 0). If no port is specified, then port 5004 is assumed. If no TTL is specified, then a TTL of 2 is assumed. Each packet sent contains 160 s...

NJH/Net-RTP-0.09 - 02 Jul 2007 17:55:01 GMT - Search in distribution

GSM::SMS::Support::RTTTL2MIDI ++

Converts rtttl strings to midi sound. Also you can set piano like Hammod Organ (17) and Grand Piano (1). METHODS Rtttl2Midi($strRTTTL, $piano) Generate a binary midi stream from $strRTTTL, using $piano as the instrument. AUTHOR Ethem Evlice <webmaste...

JOHANVDB/GSM-SMS-0.163 - 19 Jul 2011 16:07:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::PerlDesignPatterns - Perl architecture for structuring and refactoring large programs 2 ++

PerlDesignPatterns is a free book sporting: Ideas for keeping programs fun to hack on even after they grow large. Object, lambda, hybrid structures, Perl specific methods of refactoring, object tricks, anti-patterns, non-structural recurring code pat...

SWALTERS/Object-PerlDesignPatterns-0.03   (3 reviews) - 23 Jun 2003 13:02:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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