B - The Perl Compiler Backend River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

The "B" module supplies classes which allow a Perl program to delve into its own innards. It is the module used to implement the "backends" of the Perl compiler. Usage of the compiler does not require knowledge of this module: see the O module for th...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.34.0 - 20 May 2021 20:07:59 UTC - Search in distribution

B::C - Perl compiler's C backend River stage zero No dependents

This compiler backend takes Perl source and generates C source code corresponding to the internal structures that perl uses to run your program. When the generated C source is compiled and run, it cuts out the time which perl would have taken to load...

RURBAN/B-C-1.57 - 07 May 2019 12:10:41 UTC - Search in distribution

T2::B - Import Test2::Bundle::* in a box. River stage zero No dependents

See T for documentation....

EXODIST/T-0.001 - 20 Oct 2016 16:58:12 UTC - Search in distribution
  • T - Encapsulate testing tools instead of cluttering your namespace.

B::COW - B::COW additional B helpers to check COW status River stage four • 2 direct dependents • 1819 total dependents

B::COW provides some naive additional B helpers to check the COW status of one SvPV. COW or Copy On Write introduction A COWed SvPV is sharing its string (the PV) with other SvPVs. It's a (kind of) Read Only C string, that would be Copied On Write (C...

ATOOMIC/B-COW-0.004 - 23 Apr 2020 20:42:43 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Tap - Inject tapping node to optree River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

B::Tap is tapping library for B tree. "tap" function injects custom ops for fetching result of the node. The implementation works, but it's not beautiful code. I'm newbie about the B world, Patches welcome. WARNINGS: This module is in a alpha state. ...

TOKUHIROM/B-Tap-0.16 - 10 Jul 2020 07:12:01 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Lint - Perl lint River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The B::Lint module is equivalent to an extended version of the -w option of perl. It is named after the program lint which carries out a similar process for C programs....

RJBS/B-Lint-1.20 - 26 Oct 2014 20:05:03 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Size - Measure size of Perl OPs and SVs River stage zero No dependents

See B::TerseSize...

PGOLLUCCI/B-Size-0.09 - 02 Dec 2006 12:57:35 UTC - Search in distribution
  • B::TerseSize - Printing info about ops and their (estimated) size

B::Tree - Simplified version of B::Graph for demonstration River stage zero No dependents

This is a very cut-down version of "B::Graph"; it generates minimalist tree graphs of the op tree of a Perl program, merely connecting the op nodes and labelling each node with the type of op. It was written as an example of how to write compiler mod...

SIMON/B-Tree-0.02 - 29 Nov 2000 12:36:59 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Debug - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops River stage three • 4 direct dependents • 113 total dependents

See ext/B/README and the newer B::Concise....

RURBAN/B-Debug-1.26 - 03 Dec 2017 20:37:05 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Flags - Friendlier flags for B River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

Stringification of flags. By default, "$foo->flags" when passed an object in the "B" class will produce a relatively meaningless number, which one would need to grovel through the Perl source code in order to do anything useful with. This module adds...

RURBAN/B-Flags-0.17 - 14 Jul 2017 08:42:27 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Graph - Perl compiler backend to produce graphs of OP trees River stage zero No dependents

This module is a backend to the perl compiler (B::*) which, instead of outputting bytecode or C based on perl's compiled version of a program, writes descriptions in graph-description languages specifying graphs that show the program's structure. It ...

SMCCAM/B-Graph-0.51 - 01 Jan 2001 04:01:40 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Size2 - Measure size of Perl OPs and SVs River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

*B::Size2 is a fork of B::Size 0.09 for maintainance*....

GFUJI/B-Size2-2.07 - 07 Jun 2013 05:04:01 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Stats - print optree statistics River stage zero No dependents

Print statistics for all generated ops. static analysis at compile-time, static analysis at end-time to include all runtime added modules, and dynamic analysis at run-time, as with a profiler. The purpose is to help you in your goal: no bloat;...

RURBAN/B-Stats-0.09 - 08 Aug 2014 22:27:49 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Tools - Simple B operating library River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

B::Tools is simple B operating library....

TOKUHIROM/B-Tools-0.01 - 14 Sep 2013 00:07:47 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Utils - Helper functions for op tree manipulation River stage three • 13 direct dependents • 169 total dependents

ETHER/B-Utils-0.27 - 22 Jul 2015 19:33:50 UTC - Search in distribution

B::XPath - search Perl optrees with XPath syntax River stage zero No dependents

CHROMATIC/B-XPath-0.01 - 12 Feb 2006 00:59:19 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Fathom - a module to evaluate the readability of Perl code River stage zero No dependents

"B::Fathom" is a backend to the Perl compiler; it analyzes the syntax of your Perl code, and estimates the readability of your program. Currently, this module's idea of `readability' is based on methods used for analyzing readability of English prose...

KSTAR/B-Fathom-0.07 - 08 Sep 2000 13:44:20 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Utils1 - Helper functions for op tree manipulation River stage zero No dependents

RURBAN/B-Utils1-1.05 - 29 Jul 2015 06:48:31 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Walker - dumb walker, optree ranger River stage zero No dependents

ATOURBIN/rpm-build-perl-0.82 - 30 Sep 2012 00:04:56 UTC - Search in distribution

B::LexInfo - Show information about subroutine lexical variables River stage zero No dependents

Perl stores lexical variable names and values inside a *padlist* within the subroutine. Certain lexicals will maintain certain attributes after the the variable "goes out of scope". For example, when a scalar is assigned a string value, this value re...

DOUGM/B-LexInfo-0.02 - 29 Jun 1999 05:03:21 UTC - Search in distribution
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