B::Bblock - Walk basic blocks River stage zero No dependents

This module is used by the B::CC backend. It walks "basic blocks". A basic block is a series of operations which is known to execute from start to finish, with no possibility of branching or halting. The block is the list of ops from the every leader...

RURBAN/B-C-1.57 - 07 May 2019 12:10:41 UTC - Search in distribution
  • B::CC - Perl compiler's optimized C translation backend
  • perlcompile - Introduction to the Perl Compiler-Translator

corelist - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList River stage five • 95 direct dependents • 20887 total dependents

See Module::CoreList for one....

BINGOS/Module-CoreList-5.20210723 - 23 Jul 2021 14:24:56 UTC - Search in distribution

Module::CoreList::List::5 - List of core modules for perl 5 River stage zero No dependents

This POD page lists all core modules (with their versions) that come with perl 5....

PERLANCAR/Module-CoreList-List-0.001 - 08 Feb 2019 09:15:42 UTC - Search in distribution
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