Devel::Trepan - A modular gdb-like Perl debugger

Invocation From a shell: $ [trepan-opts] [--] perl-program [perl-program-opts] Or for those who prefer the traditional Perlish way: $ perl -d:Trepan perl-program [perl-program-opts] The problem with the above "perlish" approach is that you ...

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Devel::Chitin::OpTree - OpTree deparsing for Devel::Chitin

This class is a wrapper around the B::OP-related classes to make navigating around the optree and deparsing easier. It differs from B::Deparse in that Devel::Chitin::OpTree is meant to be used at run-time and it supports deparsing from any point in t...

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Perl reports location only at the granularity of a line number. Sometime you would like better or more precise information. For example suppose I am stopped on this line taken from *File::Basename::fileparse*: if (grep { $type eq $_ } qw(MSDOS DOS MS...

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