HTTP::Daemon - A simple http server class River stage four • 57 direct dependents • 7730 total dependents

Instances of the "HTTP::Daemon" class are HTTP/1.1 servers that listen on a socket for incoming requests. The "HTTP::Daemon" is a subclass of "IO::Socket::IP", so you can perform socket operations directly on it too. The accept() method will return w...

OALDERS/HTTP-Daemon-6.06 - 29 Aug 2019 14:24:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DAVTalk - Interface to talk to DAV servers River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

BRONG/Net-DAVTalk-0.17 - 08 Nov 2019 06:35:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::CalDAVTalk - Module to talk CalDAV and give a JSON interface to the data River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

BRONG/Net-CalDAVTalk-0.12 - 15 Nov 2017 05:39:23 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::TimeZone - Time zone object base class and factory River stage four • 83 direct dependents • 3719 total dependents

This class is the base class for all time zone objects. A time zone is represented internally as a set of observances, each of which describes the offset from GMT for a given time period. Note that without the DateTime module, this module does not do...

DROLSKY/DateTime-TimeZone-2.38 - 15 Nov 2019 19:38:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::DKIM - Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

This module implements the various components of the DKIM and DomainKeys message-signing and verifying standards for Internet mail. It currently tries to implement these specifications: RFC4871, for DKIM RFC4870, for DomainKeys draft-ietf-dmarc-arc-p...

MBRADSHAW/Mail-DKIM-0.58 - 13 Nov 2019 04:18:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Archive::Tar::Stream - pure perl IO-friendly tar file management River stage zero No dependents

BRONG/Archive-Tar-Stream-0.02 - 04 Jan 2014 04:02:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::CardDAVTalk - A library for talking to CardDAV servers River stage zero No dependents

BRONG/Net-CardDAVTalk-0.09 - 02 Mar 2018 02:11:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::JSCalendar River stage zero No dependents

BRONG/Text-JSCalendar-0.02 - 24 Mar 2019 15:28:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::VCardFast - Perl extension for very fast parsing of VCards River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Text::VCardFast is designed to parse VCards very quickly compared to pure-perl solutions. It has a perl and an XS version of the same API, accessible as vcard2hash_pp and vcard2hash_c, with the XS version being preferred. Why would you care? We were ...

BRONG/Text-VCardFast-0.11 - 21 Nov 2016 02:59:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::JMAPTalk - Perl client for the protocol River stage zero No dependents

This is a really basic wrapper around the JMAP protocol. It has a rudimentary "Login" command as well, but it doesn't support the entire protocol yet....

BRONG/Mail-JMAPTalk-0.13 - 18 Apr 2019 09:40:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Milter::Authentication::Handler::ARC - Authentication Milter Module for validation of ARC signatures River stage zero No dependents

Module for validation of ARC signatures...

MBRADSHAW/Mail-Milter-Authentication-Handler-ARC-2.20191205 - 05 Dec 2019 01:46:25 GMT - Search in distribution

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