Bio::Community - A biological community

The Bio::Community module represents communities of biological organisms. It is composed of Bio::Community::Member objects at a specified abundance. Each member can represent a species (e.g. an elephant, a bacterium), taxon, OTU, or any proxy for a s...

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BioPerl - Perl Modules for Biology

BioPerl is the product of a community effort to produce Perl code which is useful in biology. Examples include Sequence objects, Alignment objects and database searching objects. These objects not only do what they are advertised to do in the documen...

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This User Manual explains the motivation for developing the Bio::NEXUS library, the principles underlying its organization, and its use in developing software for evolutionary informatics. This manual also provides information on how to use two demon...

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Bio::GMOD - Unified API for Model Organism Databases

Bio::GMOD is a unified API for accessing various Model Organism Databases. It is a part of the Generic Model Organism Database project, as well as distributed on CPAN. MODs are highly curated resources of biological data. Although they typically inco...

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Bio::PhyloTastic - Perl clients for PhyloTastic

PhyloTastic (<>) is community effort to develop interoperable tools for pruning and annotating phylogenetic megatrees. This package contributes to that effort by providing simple client access to web services that perform steps ...

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Bio::Coordinate::GeneMapper - Transformations between gene related coordinate systems.

Bio::Coordinate::GeneMapper is a module for simplifying the mappings of coodinate locations between various gene related locations in human genetics. It also adds a special human genetics twist to coordinate systems by making it possible to disable t...

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FAST::Bio::AnnotationCollectionI - Interface for annotation collections

Annotation Collections are a way of storing a series of "interesting facts" about something. We call an "interesting fact" in Bioperl an Annotation (this differs from a Sequence Feature, which is called a Sequence Feature and may or may not have an A...

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