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CGI::Header - Handle HTTP header properties

This module is a utility class to manipulate a hash reference received by's "header()" method. This module isn't the replacement of the "header()" method, but complements This module can be used in the following situation: 1. $header i...

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Blog::Blosxom - A module version of the apparently inactive blosxom.cgi

Blosxom is a blog engine. It is a rewrite of a CGI script found at Blosxom uses the filesystem as the database for blog entries. Blosxom's run() method takes two parameters: the path and the flavour. The CGI script that ships with th...

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Blosxom::Plugin::Web::Request - Object representing CGI request

Object representing CGI request. METHODS $request = Blosxom::Plugin::Web::Request->new Create a Blosxom::Plugin::Web::Request object. $request->base Not implemented yet. $request->path_info Not implemented yet. $request->cookie my $id = $request->coo...

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