Class::Business::DK::CPR - Danish CPR number class

This is an OOP implementation for handling Danish CPR numbers. The class gives you an CPR object, which is validated according to the CPR specification, see: Business::DK::CPR....

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Business::DK::FI - validation of Danish FI numbers

FI numbers are numbers used on GIRO payment forms. These can be used to do online payments in banks or at in physical banks or post offices. The module currently only supports FI numbers in the following series: * 71 * 75...

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Business::DK::CVR - Danish CVR (VAT Registration) code generator/validator

CVR is a company registration number used in conjuction with VAT handling in Denmark. If you want to use this module with Data::FormValidator please check: Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Business::DK::CVR...

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Games::Bingo::Print - a PDF Generation Class for Games::Bingo

This is that actual printing class. It generates a PDF file with pages containing bingo cards. The page contains space for 3 bingo cards, each consisting of 3 rows and 10 columns like this: +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ | | | | | | | | | | +--+--+--+-...

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Person::ID::CZ::RC - Perl class for Czech RC identification.

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Business::DK::Postalcode - validation and listing of Danish postal codes

This distribution is not the original resource for the included data, but simply acts as a simple distribution for Perl use. The central source is monitored so this distribution can contain the newest data. The monitor script ( is incl...

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Person::ID::CZ::RC::Generator - Perl class for Czech RC identification generation.

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