CAM::PDF - PDF manipulation library 5 ++

This package reads and writes any document that conforms to the PDF specification generously provided by Adobe at <> (link last checked Oct 2005). The file format through PDF 1.5 is w...

CDOLAN/CAM-PDF-1.60   (4 reviews) - 15 Aug 2013 02:11:22 GMT - Search in distribution

CAM::PDF::Annot - Perl extension for appending annotations on PDFs 1 ++

CAM::PDF::Annot is an extension to "CAM::PDF" to ease the appending of Annotation objects to pdf documents. EXPORT This module does not export any functions....

SZABGAB/CAM-PDF-Annot-0.09 - 08 Sep 2014 17:10:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::PDF - A module for testing and comparing PDF files ++

This module is meant to be used for testing custom generated PDF files, it provides only one function at the moment, which is "cmp_pdf", and can be used to compare two PDF files to see if they are *visually* similar. Future versions may include other...

STEVAN/Test-PDF-0.01 - 07 Dec 2005 21:36:28 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::OCR2 - extract all text and all image ocr from pdf ++

This is meant to replace PDF::OCR. The backend complexity of this process has been isolated in modules: PDF::GetImages PDF::Burst Image::OCR::Tesseract PDF::OCR2::Pages - in this distro. Why not just modify PDF::OCR?? This is such a massive breakdown...

LEOCHARRE/PDF-OCR2-1.21 - 19 Sep 2011 15:32:52 GMT - Search in distribution
  • pdfcheck - check a pdf document for correctness and compatibility with ocr

PDF::Burst - create one pdf doc for each page in existing pdf document 1 ++

Bursting a pdf means if you have a pdf doc with 10 pages, you want to have 10 docs, each representing one page. I just need to burst a pdf into many, so here is the module. We provide three different $PDF::Burst::BURST_METHOD to get out pdf pages. CA...

LEOCHARRE/PDF-Burst-1.20 - 01 Oct 2011 23:07:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Fuse::PDF - Filesystem embedded in a PDF document ++

The Adobe Portable Document Format is an arbitrary collection of nodes which support a tree structure. Most of that data is oriented toward document rendering, but it's legal to add arbitrarily complex data virtually anywhere in the document structur...

CDOLAN/Fuse-PDF-0.09 - 07 Jun 2008 03:53:46 GMT - Search in distribution

asdoc2pod - Read an Actionscript file with Javadoc and output POD ++

Read in an Actionscript file and parse it, searching for Javadoc-style comments. If any are found, convert them to POD (Perl's Plain Old Documentation format). The output is just the POD, unless the "--code" flag is used, in which case the original A...

CLOTHO/Pod-FromActionscript-0.53 - 26 Sep 2005 23:22:37 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::GetImages - get images from pdf document 1 ++

Get images out of a pdf document. This code makes use of pdfimages which is part of xpdf. In case CAM::PDF scripts don't work for you, you may want to try using this to extract images from PDF documents. See "DEPENDENCIES AND REQUIREMENTS"...

LEOCHARRE/PDF-GetImages-1.18 - 19 Sep 2011 15:09:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::FromAny - a module to read pure text from a vareiety of formats 3 ++
ZERODOGG/Text-FromAny-0.21 - 30 Nov 2010 13:14:42 GMT - Search in distribution

CAM::Template - Clotho-style search/replace HTML templates ++

This package is intended to replace Clotho's traditional ::PARAM:: syntax with an object-oriented API. This syntax is overrideable by subclasses. See the last section of this documentation for an explanation of the default syntax. We recommend that y...

CLOTHO/CAM-Template-0.93 - 20 Sep 2005 19:26:59 GMT - Search in distribution

SWISH::Filters::PDF2XML - Perl extension for filtering PDF documents ++

This is a plug-in module that uses the CAM::PDF package to convert PDF documents to XML. Any info tags found in the PDF document are created as meta tags. You may pass into SWISH::Filter's new method a tag to use as the XML <title> if found in the PD...

KARMAN/SWISH-Filter-0.190 - 04 Aug 2014 19:17:31 GMT - Search in distribution

TeX::AutoTeX::StampPDF - watermark PDF files ++

This module modifies a given PDF file. It prints an arbitrary text string (within certain length limits) onto the left edge of the 1st page of a well formed PDF file. This is intended to be used to put the arXiv stamp onto PDF-only and pdflatex submi...

TSCHWAND/TeX-AutoTeX-v0.906.0 - 28 Sep 2011 01:19:12 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Imposition::Schema - Base class for the imposition schemas. ++
MELMOTHX/PDF-Imposition-0.14 - 28 Mar 2015 12:16:49 GMT - Search in distribution