CAM::PDF - PDF manipulation library

This package reads and writes any document that conforms to the PDF specification generously provided by Adobe at <> (link last checked Oct 2005). The file format through PDF 1.5 is w...

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CAM::PDF::Annot - Perl extension for appending annotations on PDFs

CAM::PDF::Annot is an extension to "CAM::PDF" to ease the appending of Annotation objects to pdf documents. EXPORT This module does not export any functions....

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Test::PDF - A module for testing and comparing PDF files

This module is meant to be used for testing custom generated PDF files, it provides only one function at the moment, which is "cmp_pdf", and can be used to compare two PDF files to see if they are *visually* similar. Future versions may include other...

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PDF::OCR2 - extract all text and all image ocr from pdf

This is meant to replace PDF::OCR. The backend complexity of this process has been isolated in modules: PDF::GetImages PDF::Burst Image::OCR::Tesseract PDF::OCR2::Pages - in this distro. Why not just modify PDF::OCR?? This is such a massive breakdown...

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  • pdfcheck - check a pdf document for correctness and compatibility with ocr

PDF::Burst - create one pdf doc for each page in existing pdf document

Bursting a pdf means if you have a pdf doc with 10 pages, you want to have 10 docs, each representing one page. I just need to burst a pdf into many, so here is the module. We provide three different $PDF::Burst::BURST_METHOD to get out pdf pages. CA...

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Fuse::PDF - Filesystem embedded in a PDF document

The Adobe Portable Document Format is an arbitrary collection of nodes which support a tree structure. Most of that data is oriented toward document rendering, but it's legal to add arbitrarily complex data virtually anywhere in the document structur...

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asdoc2pod - Read an Actionscript file with Javadoc and output POD

Read in an Actionscript file and parse it, searching for Javadoc-style comments. If any are found, convert them to POD (Perl's Plain Old Documentation format). The output is just the POD, unless the "--code" flag is used, in which case the original A...

CLOTHO/Pod-FromActionscript-0.53 - 26 Sep 2005 23:22:37 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::GetImages - get images from pdf document

Get images out of a pdf document. This code makes use of pdfimages which is part of xpdf. In case CAM::PDF scripts don't work for you, you may want to try using this to extract images from PDF documents. See "DEPENDENCIES AND REQUIREMENTS"...

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Text::FromAny - a module to read pure text from a vareiety of formats

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CAM::Template - Clotho-style search/replace HTML templates

This package is intended to replace Clotho's traditional ::PARAM:: syntax with an object-oriented API. This syntax is overrideable by subclasses. See the last section of this documentation for an explanation of the default syntax. We recommend that y...

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SWISH::Filters::PDF2XML - Perl extension for filtering PDF documents

This is a plug-in module that uses the CAM::PDF package to convert PDF documents to XML. Any info tags found in the PDF document are created as meta tags. You may pass into SWISH::Filter's new method a tag to use as the XML <title> if found in the PD...

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TeX::AutoTeX::StampPDF - watermark PDF files

This module modifies a given PDF file. It prints an arbitrary text string (within certain length limits) onto the left edge of the 1st page of a well formed PDF file. This is intended to be used to put the arXiv stamp onto PDF-only and pdflatex submi...

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