CGI::Util - Internal utilities used by CGI module River stage four • 281 direct dependents • 2506 total dependents

no public subroutines...

LEEJO/CGI-4.53 - 03 Jun 2021 06:45:55 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Easy::Util - low-level helpers for HTTP/CGI River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module contain low-level function which you usually doesn't need - use CGI::Easy::Request and CGI::Easy::Headers instead....

POWERMAN/CGI-Easy-v2.0.1 - 03 Apr 2018 15:51:18 UTC - Search in distribution
  • CGI::Easy - simple and straightforward helpers to make CGI easy

CGI::Simple::Util - Internal utilities used by CGI::Simple module River stage two • 19 direct dependents • 57 total dependents

CGI::Simple::Util contains essentially non public subroutines used by CGI::Simple. There are HTML and URL escape and unescape routines that may be of some use. An internal object is used to store a number of system specific details to enable the esca...

MANWAR/CGI-Simple-1.25 - 10 Feb 2020 13:00:54 UTC - Search in distribution
  • CGI::Simple - A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant

CGI::FormBuilder::Util - Utility functions for FormBuilder River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

This module exports some common utility functions for FormBuilder. These functions are intended for internal use, however I must admit that, from time to time, I just import this module and use some of the routines directly (like "htmltag()" to gener...

BIGPRESH/CGI-FormBuilder-3.10 - 16 Aug 2016 23:59:06 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Application::Util::Diff - Diff 2 directories or files, or run other commands River stage zero No dependents

"CGI::Application::Util::Diff" diffs 2 directories or files, or runs other commands. on the web server's machine. The output of a directory diff is a table, where the *Match* column contains a red 'x' if there is a mis-match in the sizes of a file or...

RSAVAGE/CGI-Application-Util-Diff-1.03 - 24 Aug 2010 04:53:03 UTC - Search in distribution

web/cgi-bin/yatt.lib/YATT/Util/ River stage zero No dependents

HKOBA/YATT-0.0.10 - 09 Nov 2015 08:41:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Lite/Util/ River stage zero No dependents

HKOBA/YATT-Lite-0.101 - 24 May 2016 00:35:40 UTC - Search in distribution

JRPC::CGI - JSON-RPC 2.0 Processing for CGI and HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI River stage zero No dependents

This package provides JSON-RPC 2.0 services processor for 2 runtimes based on: * CGI ( Plain old CGI scripting (or mod_perl ModPerl::Registry mode) * HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI - a fast and lightweight runtime with a Perl embedded httpd (web se...

OHOLLMEN/JRPC-0.61 - 21 Dec 2014 17:14:48 UTC - Search in distribution

B - The Perl Compiler Backend River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

The "B" module supplies classes which allow a Perl program to delve into its own innards. It is the module used to implement the "backends" of the Perl compiler. Usage of the compiler does not require knowledge of this module: see the O module for th...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.34.0 - 20 May 2021 20:07:59 UTC - Search in distribution

DBI - Database independent interface for Perl River stage four • 919 direct dependents • 2018 total dependents

The DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, variables, and conventions that provide a consistent database interface, independent of the actual database being used. It is important to remember th...

TIMB/DBI-1.643 - 31 Jan 2020 19:02:41 UTC - Search in distribution

Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility) River stage four • 2040 direct dependents • 4697 total dependents

"Moo" is an extremely light-weight Object Orientation system. It allows one to concisely define objects and roles with a convenient syntax that avoids the details of Perl's object system. "Moo" contains a subset of Moose and is optimised for rapid st...

HAARG/Moo-2.005004 - 29 Mar 2021 06:42:35 UTC - Search in distribution

GBK - Source code filter to escape GBK script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-GBK-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:37:31 UTC - Search in distribution

UHC - Source code filter to escape UHC script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-UHC-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:44:16 UTC - Search in distribution

GBK - Source code filter to escape GBK script River stage zero No dependents

INA/GBK-1.22 - 28 Aug 2019 16:40:47 UTC - Search in distribution

perlfunc - Funciones predefinidas en Perl *** DOCUMENTO SIN REVISAR *** River stage zero No dependents

ENELL/POD2-ES- - 01 Jan 2017 21:24:12 UTC - Search in distribution
  • perlootut - Manual de programación orientada a objetos en Perl

OOPS - Object Oriented Persistent Store River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The goal of OOPS is to make perl objects easily and transparently persistent. OOPS handles deeply nested and cross-linked objects -- even object hierarchies that are too large to fit in memory and (with a hint) individual hash tables that are too lar...

MUIR/OOPS-0.2005 - 13 Mar 2012 16:07:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Big5 - Source code filter to escape Big5 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Big5-1.22 - 28 Aug 2019 16:39:10 UTC - Search in distribution

HP15 - Source code filter to escape HP-15 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-HP15-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:37:53 UTC - Search in distribution

Sjis - Source code filter to escape ShiftJIS script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-Sjis-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:43:57 UTC - Search in distribution
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