CGI::Application::Plugin::ErrorPage - A simple error page plugin for CGI::Application

This plugin provides a shortcut for the common need of returning a simple error message to the user. You are encouraged to provide a template file so that the error messages can be presented with a design consistent with the rest of your application....

MARKSTOS/CGI-Application-Plugin-ErrorPage-1.21 - 27 Jun 2009 01:48:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Titanium - A strong, lightweight web application framework

It is intended that your Application Module will be implemented as a sub-class of Titanium. This is done simply as follows: package My::App; use base 'Titanium'; Notation and Conventions For the purpose of this document, we will refer to the followin...

MARKSTOS/Titanium-1.04 - 24 Nov 2009 02:43:36 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications

CGI::Session provides an easy, reliable and modular session management system across HTTP requests....

MARKSTOS/CGI-Session-4.48 - 11 Jul 2011 13:02:37 GMT - Search in distribution

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