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Cache::Memcached::Fast::Safe - Cache::Memcached::Fast with sanitizing keys and fork-safe 1 ++

Cache::Memcached::Fast::Safe is subclass of Cache::Memcached::Fast. Cache::Memcached::Fast::Safe sanitizes all requested keys for against memcached injection problem. and call disconnect_all automatically after fork for fork-safe. ADDITIONAL METHOD g...

KAZEBURO/Cache-Memcached-Fast-Safe-0.04 - 16 Oct 2013 04:47:47 GMT - Search in distribution

MemcacheDBI - Queue memcache calls when in a dbh transaction ++

Attach your memcached to your DBH handle. By doing so we can automatically queue set/get calls so that they happen at the same time as a commit. If a rollback is issued then the queue will be cleared. CAVEATS As long as DBI and Memcache are both up a...

OAXLIN/MemcacheDBI-0.07 - 10 Jun 2014 15:19:02 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::Changes - List of significant changes to the DBI 150 ++
TIMB/DBI-1.631   (27 reviews) - 20 Jan 2014 11:12:44 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::NinjaORM - Flexible Perl ORM for easy transitions from inline SQL to objects. 1 ++

DBIx::NinjaORM was designed with a few goals in mind: * Expand objects with data joined from other tables, to do less queries and prevent lazy-loading of ancillary information. * Have a short learning curve. * Provide advanced caching features and ma...

AUBERTG/DBIx-NinjaORM-v3.0.2 - 21 Apr 2014 02:43:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::Memcached::Fast - Perl client for memcached, in C language 10 ++

Cache::Memcached::Fast is a Perl client for memcached, a memory cache daemon (<http://www.danga.com/memcached/>). Module core is implemented in C and tries hard to minimize number of system calls and to avoid any key/value copying for speed. As a res...

KROKI/Cache-Memcached-Fast-0.22   (3 reviews) - 28 Apr 2014 13:48:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Memcached::libmemcached - Thin fast full interface to the libmemcached client API 3 ++

Memcached::libmemcached is a very thin, highly efficient, wrapper around the libmemcached library. It's implemented almost entirely in C. It gives full access to the rich functionality offered by libmemcached. libmemcached is fast, light on memory us...

WOLFSAGE/Memcached-libmemcached-1.001702 - 14 Mar 2014 14:32:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::Memcached::Turnstile - Thundering Herd Protection for Memcached Clients ++

This is a prototype of a Thundering-Herd prevention algorithm for memcached. As most such systems, it doesn't play entirely nicely with incompatible modes of access to the same keys, but that's not so much surprise, one would hope. Access to differen...

SMUELLER/Cache-Memcached-Turnstile-0.01 - 18 Nov 2013 16:56:40 GMT - Search in distribution

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