Callback - object interface for function callbacks

Callback provides a standard interface to register callbacks. Those callbacks can be either purely functional (i.e. a function call with arguments) or object-oriented (a method call on an object). When a callback is constructed, a base set of argumen...

MUIR/Callback-1.07 - 05 Mar 2007 16:36:00 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Callback - Emulate file interface for a code reference

TOBYINK/IO-Callback-1.12 - 25 May 2014 20:00:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Ask::Callback - interact with yourself via callbacks

Primarily for the test suite. The input_callback is expected to return text which we pretend "the user typed in". The output_callback is passed text which we pretend to "show the user"....

TOBYINK/Ask-0.007 - 18 Jun 2013 14:53:13 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Ask - ask your users about stuff

POE::Callback - object wrapper for callbacks with lexical closures

POE::Callback wraps coderefs in magic that makes certain lexical variables persistent between calls. It's used internally by the classes that comprise POE::Stage....

RCAPUTO/POE-Stage-0.060 - 28 Jul 2009 18:15:54 GMT - Search in distribution

PApp::Callback - a workaround for the problem of nonserializable code.

The problem: Code is unserializable (at the moment, but it will probably never be efficient to serialize code). The workaround (not the solution): This class can be used to create serializable callbacks (or "references"). You first have to register a...

MLEHMANN/PApp-2.1 - 11 Feb 2016 07:21:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Params::Callback - Parameter callback base class

Params::Callback provides the interface for callbacks to access parameter hashes Params::CallbackRequest object, and callback metadata, as well as for executing common request actions, such as aborting a callback execution request. There are two ways...

DWHEELER/Params-CallbackRequest-1.20 - 23 Jun 2011 05:47:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Callback::Frame - Preserve error handlers and "local" variables across callbacks

The problem that this module solves is that although closures preserve their lexical environment, they don't preserve error handlers or "local" variables. Consider the following piece of broken code: use AnyEvent; eval { $watcher = AE::timer 0.1, 0, ...

FRACTAL/Callback-Frame-1.102 - 08 Mar 2016 03:25:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Callback::Cleanup - Declare callbacks that clean themselves up

This is a very simple module that provides syntactic sugar for callbacks that need to finalize somehow. Callbacks are very convenient APIs when they have no definite end of life. If an end of life behavior is required this helps keep the cleanup code...

NUFFIN/Callback-Cleanup-0.03 - 17 Aug 2008 14:49:00 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Callback - callback aggregator for AnyEvent watchers.

The module allows You to create callback's hierarchy. Also the module groups error and result callbacks into one object. Also the module checks if one callback was called by watcher or not. If a watcher doesn't call result or error callback, error ca...

UNERA/AnyEvent-Callback-0.05 - 21 Jun 2012 12:25:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Reflex::Callback - Generic callback adapters to simplify calling back

Reflex::Callback and its subclasses implement the different types of calbacks that Reflex supports. Reflex::Callbacks provides convenience functions that are almost always used instead of Reflex::Callback objects. Reflex::Callback's generic interface...

RCAPUTO/Reflex-0.100 - 02 Apr 2017 21:56:28 GMT - Search in distribution

FFI::Raw::Callback - FFI::Raw function pointer type

A FFI::Raw::Callback represents a function pointer to a Perl routine. It can be passed to functions taking a "FFI::Raw::ptr" type....

ALEXBIO/FFI-Raw-0.32 - 02 Jun 2014 13:16:18 GMT - Search in distribution
  • FFI::Raw - Perl bindings to the portable FFI library (libffi)

IO::Callback::HTTP - read/write from HTTP URIs as if they were filehandles

This module allows you to read from and write to HTTP resources as if they were normal file handles (in fact, any non-HTTP resources supported by LWP::UserAgent ought to be OK too, including FTP, Gopher, etc). Why would you do this? Not for efficienc...

TOBYINK/IO-Callback-HTTP-0.003 - 10 Sep 2014 22:41:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DBus::Callback - a callback for receiving reactor events

This module provides a simple container for storing details about a callback to be invoked at a later date. It is used when registering to receive events from the Net::DBus::Reactor class. NB use of this module in application code is no longer necess...

DANBERR/Net-DBus-1.1.0 - 16 Mar 2015 20:17:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Locale::PO::Callback - parse gettext source files

This module parses the .po files used by GNU gettext to hold translation catalogues. It takes one parameter, a coderef, and calls it repeatedly with a description of every item in the file. This enables chains of filters to be produced, as is commonl...

MARNANEL/Locale-PO-Callback-0.04 - 17 May 2010 18:06:43 GMT - Search in distribution


ZUYIS/Vayne-0.01 - 19 Sep 2016 09:31:09 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Vayne - Distribute task queue

IO::Event::Callback - A closure based API for IO::Event

IO::Event::Callback is a wrapper around IO::Event. It provides an alternative interface to using IO::Event. Instead of defining a class with methods like "ie_input", you provide the callbacks as code references when you create the object. The keys fo...

MUIR/IO-Event-0.813 - 18 Sep 2013 03:46:26 GMT - Search in distribution
  • IO::Event - Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks

Tie::Scalar::Callback - a tied scalar which executes a callback everytime it is used

"Tie::Scalar::Callback" is a class for creating tied scalars which execute a callback everytime an event occurs on the scalar. The callback's return value becomes the scalar's apparent value....

DFARRELL/Tie-Scalar-Callback-0.07 - 01 Oct 2016 14:03:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::API::Callback - Callback support for Win32::API

BULKDD/Win32-API-0.84 - 21 Jan 2016 20:13:25 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Open3::Callback - An extension to IPC::Open3 that will feed out and err to callbacks instead of requiring the caller to handle them.

This module feeds output and error stream from a command to supplied callbacks. Thus, this class removes the necessity of dealing with IO::Select by hand and also provides a workaround for the bad reputation associated with Microsoft Windows' IPC....

LTHEISEN/IPC-Open3-Callback-1.19 - 06 Feb 2016 15:30:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Tcl::pTk::Callback - Callback Helper class for Tcl::pTk

*Tcl::pTk::Callback* is a helper class, modeled after *Tk::Callback* (documented in Tk::callbacks ), that provides methods for constructing and executing callbacks for the Tcl::pTk package....

CERNEY/Tcl-pTk-0.92 - 21 Aug 2016 13:17:30 GMT - Search in distribution

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