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Capture::Tiny - Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs 44 ++

Capture::Tiny provides a simple, portable way to capture almost anything sent to STDOUT or STDERR, regardless of whether it comes from Perl, from XS code or from an external program. Optionally, output can be teed so that it is captured while being p...

DAGOLDEN/Capture-Tiny-0.24   (3 reviews) - 06 Feb 2014 22:18:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Capture::Tiny::Extended - Capture STDOUT and STDERR from from Perl, XS or external programs (with some extras) ++

Capture::Tiny::Extended is a fork of Capture::Tiny. It is functionally identical with the parent module, except for the differences documented in this POD. Please see the documentation of Capture::Tiny for details on standard usage. Please note that ...

MITHALDU/Capture-Tiny-Extended-0.114   (1 review) - 04 Aug 2011 08:43:54 GMT - Search in distribution

README - basic information for users prior to downloading 1 ++
DAXIM/PostScript-Barcode-0.006 - 05 Jul 2010 09:32:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Kafka - Apache Kafka interface for Perl. 1 ++

The user modules in this package provide an object oriented API. The IO agents, requests sent, and responses received from the Apache Kafka or mock servers are all represented by objects. This makes a simple and powerful interface to these services. ...

SGLADKOV/Kafka-0.8008 - 29 Apr 2014 17:42:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Tiny - minimal minimalism ++

This module does the tiniest thing of all -- nothing! Given all the recent releases of *::Tiny modules, I felt like I needed to get in on the action while there was still part of the namespace left. SUPPORT Bugs may be submitted through the RT bug tr...

ETHER/Acme-Tiny-0.003   (6 reviews) - 30 Jan 2014 05:08:23 GMT - Search in distribution

perl5i - Fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one pragma 19 ++

Perl 5 has a lot of warts. There's a lot of individual modules and techniques out there to fix those warts. perl5i aims to pull the best of them together into one module so you can turn them on all at once. This includes adding features, changing exi...

MSCHWERN/perl5i-v2.12.0 - 11 Jun 2013 01:15:26 GMT - Search in distribution
  • perl5ifaq - Frequently Asked Questions about perl5i

perlre - Perl regular expressions 211 ++

This page describes the syntax of regular expressions in Perl. If you haven't used regular expressions before, a quick-start introduction is available in perlrequick, and a longer tutorial introduction is available in perlretut. For reference on how ...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

perl5-ingy - Ingy's Favorite Perl 5 Feature Set ++

Using this module is the same as: use 5.010; use strict; use warnings; use IO::All; use YAML::XS; use Capture::Tiny ':all'; use XXX -with => 'YAML::XS'; This is an early release. More modules will be added as this framework matures. STATUS this modul...

INGY/perl5-ingy-0.08 - 28 Jun 2014 02:13:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Sys::Cmd - run a system command or spawn a system processes ++

Sys::Cmd lets you run system commands and capture their output, or spawn and interact with a system process through its "STDIN", "STDOUT", and "STDERR" file handles. The following functions are exported on demand by this module: run( @cmd, [\%opt] ) ...

MLAWREN/Sys-Cmd-0.81.6 - 24 Mar 2014 08:01:36 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq8 - System Interaction ++

This section of the Perl FAQ covers questions involving operating system interaction. Topics include interprocess communication (IPC), control over the user-interface (keyboard, screen and pointing devices), and most anything else not related to data...

LLAP/perlfaq-5.0150044 - 12 Sep 2013 19:53:14 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Capture - Meticulously thorough capture and replaying of CGI calls ++

CGI does a terribly bad job of saving CGI calls. "CGI::Capture" tries to resolve this and save a CGI call in as much painstaking detail as it possibly can. Because of this, "CGI::Capture" should work with server logins, cookies, file uploads, strange...

ADAMK/CGI-Capture-1.14 - 05 Feb 2010 17:56:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Try::Tiny - minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@ 104 ++

This module provides bare bones "try"/"catch"/"finally" statements that are designed to minimize common mistakes with eval blocks, and NOTHING else. This is unlike TryCatch which provides a nice syntax and avoids adding another call stack layer, and ...

DOY/Try-Tiny-0.22   (5 reviews) - 29 Apr 2014 19:40:12 GMT - Search in distribution

GraphViz2 - A wrapper for AT&T's Graphviz 3 ++
RSAVAGE/GraphViz2-2.29 - 09 Jul 2014 07:40:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Routes::Tiny - Routes 4 ++

Routes::Tiny is a lightweight routes implementation. Routes::Tiny aims to be easy to use in any web framework. FEATURES "Constraints" $routes->add_route('/articles/:id', constraints => {id => qr/\d+/}); $match = $routes->match('/articles/1'); # Route...

VTI/Routes-Tiny-0.14 - 07 Jan 2014 08:10:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Set::Array - Arrays as objects with lots of handy methods ++

Set::Array allows you to create arrays as objects and use OO-style methods on them. Many convenient methods are provided here that appear in the FAQs, the Perl Cookbook or posts from comp.lang.perl.misc. In addition, there are Set methods with corres...

RSAVAGE/Set-Array-0.30 - 17 Sep 2013 23:39:08 GMT - Search in distribution

classesfaq - frequently asked questions about the Perl classes pragma ++
RMUHLE/classes-0.944   (1 review) - 08 Mar 2008 16:10:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::Stamp - Easy, readable, efficient timestamp functions ++

This module makes it easy to include timestamp functions that are simple, easy to read, easy to parse, and fast. For simple timestamps perl's built-in functions are all you need: time, gmtime (or localtime), and sprintf... Sometimes you desire a simp...

RWSTAUNER/Time-Stamp-1.300 - 10 Jan 2013 03:39:15 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Fetch - A generic file fetching mechanism 2 ++

File::Fetch is a generic file fetching mechanism. It allows you to fetch any file pointed to by a "ftp", "http", "file", "git" or "rsync" uri by a number of different means. See the "HOW IT WORKS" section further down for details. ACCESSORS A "File::...

BINGOS/File-Fetch-0.48 - 24 Jan 2014 10:36:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Report - report a problem, with exceptions and translation support 1 ++

Handling messages directed to users can be a hassle, certainly when the same software is used for command-line and in a graphical interfaces (you may not now how it is used, writing an abstract module), or has to cope with internationalization; this ...

MARKOV/Log-Report-1.05 - 25 Jun 2014 07:08:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Output - Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages. 7 ++

Test::Output provides a simple interface for testing output sent to STDOUT or STDERR. A number of different utilities are included to try and be as flexible as possible to the tester. Originally this module was designed not to have external requireme...

BDFOY/Test-Output-1.03 - 03 Jan 2014 17:20:03 GMT - Search in distribution

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