Carp::Clan::Share - Share your Carp::Clan settings with your whole Clan

This is a very lightweight helper module (actually just an import method) that will automagically create a __PACKAGE__::Carp module for you. Any arguments passed to the import (e.g. via use) method are forwarded along to Carp::Clan. NOTE: If you use ...

RKRIMEN/Carp-Clan-Share-0.013 - 13 May 2009 05:57:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::WWN::Carp - Carp::Clan::Share subclass for Device::WWN

See Carp::Clan::Share....

JASONK/Device-WWN-1.01 - 24 Sep 2009 14:08:43 GMT - Search in distribution

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